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Game Recap: Astros 3, Cubs 2 in 10 innings

Cubs lose
Clearly this season is OVER!  After all, how are the Cubs expected to steal game seven if they can't even win game two!?!  Ernie Banks said the Cubs would shine in 2009, but he's a LIAR!  He was clearly just telling us what we wanted to hear!  It might as well have just counted as another home game for them! We had no advantage!  God hates us!  I cant believe we lost a game this year.  I feel awful and I have to pay back all those undefeated bets!  DAMMIT!

But seriously, it was not one of the best offensive performances by the 2009 Cubs.  The good news - Derrek Lee popped his '09 cherry with a 3rd inning RBI single, scoring Ryan TheQuietRiot (screw you Rob, I'm making it stick!). 

On the Ryan Dempster front, he wasn't fantastic but he wasn't bad either.  Scratch that.  He had a no hitter going for the first third of the game.  He lost his touch in the 5th, though, when Hunter Pence hit a homer, and would have lost the game after giving up an RBI single in the 6th but Alfonso Soriano had other ideas. 

The Fonz -- who can't hit in Chicago in April -- is benefiting from the season's start in warm Houston.  He hit his 2nd homerun in as many days in the 8th, propelling the game to extra innings.  The only problem was the Piniella was rolling the dice hard by a) bringing Heilman in to pitch 2 innings, only for him to be completely ineffective in the 9th and turning to Neal Cotts, who bailed the Cubs out of trouble in the 9th only to be b) brought in again in the 10th inning, where he proved to be completely ineffective.  So, the Cubs lost in extra innings.

Anyway, the good points of yesterday's game:

  • Dempster didn't look bad.  He threw 95 pitches in 6 innings, striking out 5.  He wasn't quite as wild as the NLDS Dempster, but he walked 3 and looked ugly at points.
  • Alfonso smacked homer #2.  I think that will officially qualify him for the who's hot segment of the GameCast.
  • Guzman struck out 2 in his inning of relief, which was a relief.
  • Wandy Rodriguez owns the Cubs.

I was talking a little bit with AJ about this and he pointed out to me that Ryan Theriot's stolen base attempt - and subsequent failure - cost the Cubs more than the double plays they grounded into (of which Derrek Lee had nothing to do with.

Also, and this probably deserves mentioning before now, Geo Soto left the game early due to shoulder stiffness and is expected to miss at least one game.  Maybe the Cubs are downplaying it, or maybe it's really not too serious.  Either way, Three Finger Hill is our catcher tonight.

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Three finger hill

his name is buzzsaw!

Of all the things that annoy me about last night is that lots of people blamed Gregg for the loss (based on AIM away messages, facebook etc). Maybe I just associate myself with terrible baseball fans, but that frustrated me.

Gregg actually looked fairly decent last night, giving up some weak contact at best that just happened to find a hole. Oh well, good news is we play 162 games (which apparently some people didn't realize and thought we were still in playoff format... which means we've won a playoff game!!! )

Your so Funny Kurt Im glad

Your so Funny Kurt Im glad I meant u over the internet lmao
No matter how many time u get me to contradict myself lmao
Sometimes i go outa bord with my theories and thats why i come to u hahah
and P.S No homo btw do u have a myspace?

Undefeated bets

I need to pay back 4 now. I thought they WOULD go undefeated. Grrr

But seriously...It was one game. "Wendy" Rodriguez shut us down and LaTroy Hawkings gave up that MONSTER home run to Soriano (Which I loved....Latroy didn't even watch it...he knew). Let's win a series though today.

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