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GameCast: Opening Day

Carlos Zambrano (0-0, 0.00 ERA) vs. Roy Oswalt (0-0, 0.00 ERA)

Story-lines: Entering the 2009 season in this, their 101st year without a championship title, the Cubs take on the Astros.  The last time Carlos Zambrano faced Houston, he made the entire team his collective biyatch, tossing the first Cubs no-hitter in the lives of many of the people who read this blog.  Carlos then fell off the rails to the point where Lou Piniella didn't even call on him to pitch the first game of the failed NLDS. 

Who's hot: Nobody!  It's opening day!  What a dumb topic!  (Please ignore that I was the one who came up with it.)  Loyal Goat Reader (and Goat Photographer) DB would tell you that Rich Harden is hot, but he's not pitching in this game or even this series.

Who's cold: Pretty much everybody in the north east right now.  It's snowing outside my window.  Sometimes I hate Canada.

Note: The GameCasts are still in the experimental phase.  Feel free to post your take on the game in the comments section of this thread or, if you must, in the ShoutBox.  Unfortunately for me, tonight's game is on ESPN2.  Here in Canadaland, there is no ESPN2.  Therefore, I'm boned.  But I'll have a Game Recap for you sometime tonight regardless.

Oh, and as Jason would say, Go Cubs!

Update: Top of the Third

It's still way too early to do the Kurtie Dance of Joy, but 2 solo homeruns later and the Cubs are up 2 to 0.  Although Carlos has had a few rough patches (a leadoff walk and he actually dared face Carlos Lee with runners on) some keen defense from Milton Bradley has kept the Cubs on top.

Strangely, 2 runs isn't much of a lead, especially with Opening Day Carlos on the mound, but it feels like way more than 2 runs at this point.  The team is playing well.

The game is also on CSN

The game is also on CSN Chicago. Kurt, you're probably still boned, but as you pointed out, you live in Canada. Either way, you were screwed.

Unsupported score prediction: 5-3 Cubs.

I could probably

I could probably theoretically subscribe to CSN on my satellite provider. I'm more inclined to get MLB.tv, where none of the games are blacked out ... because I live in Canada (up yours, revenge is mine!)

Who's ready for some

Who's ready for some baseball?


Run little tiny people!

Run little tiny people! Run!

Also, this is my first Cubs game on my sweet HD TV. So shiny.


When do they print the playoff tickets?

Since I started it...

...apparently I have to use it.

Piniella with the crappy lineup.

Sori with the bomb.

Cubs with the lead. We'll take it!

I will admit

the shoutbox is the easy way to go. Love the patience of Uncle Milton

It's a tough call. I may

It's a tough call. I may disable the shoutbox during gamecasts in the future, which I'm sure will annoy everybody.


It's just a little quicker, but I'm up for whatever.

I'm up for a double play

I'm up for a double play

The game MVP list is getting

The game MVP list is getting pretty full

But... if the Cubs keep

But... if the Cubs keep scoring runs and win the game, then the idiot pessimists won't be able to freak out over an opening day loss! This is unacceptable!

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