Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Is no news good news?

No press conferences where all the Cubs are gathered around one of their star players to express support for his steroid-driven misgivings.

No crippling holdouts, nobody holding the Cubs hostage so that management doesn't make needed moves in order to save a spot for the Scott-Boras representative.

No debalitating injury news, no worries about whether or not the Cubs have to pay for the long-postponed surgery of its star pitcher, no worries about whether or not the team can roll out a representative cast of warm bodies to fill out the rotation.

No tell-all books were written about the Cubs this off-season; no hard feelings having to be soothed about the nasty nicknames the players called each other.

None of the standard and sundry player misconducts - no DUIs, no spousal battery, no gun charges.  And as for management - no Latin American bonus skimming, no steroid coverups in the Dominican summer camps.  Hell, we even know who the new owner is going to be, and there's no controversy as to whether or not Wrigley field is getting a facelift, a Jumbotron, a parking garage, or a mausoleum where broken-down relievers are boiled down into a thin, sickly soup to be fed to Cook County inmates.

The most pulse-elevating issue so far this year is whether Alfonso Soriano gets to be hacktastic in the first or second inning of most games.  It is assumed by one and all that, in place of all the drama that is lacking in Cubs camp, there is actual WORK going on; drills, fundamentals, instruction, strengthing, conditioning, and the building of camaradrie. 

To conclude today's thought, it's just me, here to remind everyone that things are, in a Jake Peavy-less world, as good as they can be.  Can't wait to hear the reports from the training games; can't wait to see if the Shark can earn a spot in the rotation, if Fukudome arrives from the WBC with a purpose and an idea at the plate, and if Theriot and Fontenot can combine to hit more taters than Zambrano this year.

Ahhhhhhhh....good times!

Hit the nail on the head.

Hit the nail on the head. Very well put.


So, they are concentrating on baseball instead of chicken sh** issues....bad for the reporters, good for Cub fans.

Spoke too soon

Bradley with quad strain. Wonderful....

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