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Baltimore Pie?

As KP noted in the shout box, never count out Andy McPhail to maintain a perhaps unreasonable affection for Cubs prospects who were once in his care.

The Orioles may or may not play the third team in the long-rumored Cubs-???-Padres trade combo that would land Jake Peavy in Chicago, particularly if Felix Pie is available.

According to the Sun, the trade is in no way imminent, but talks are on-going as the Cubs continue their scheme to build the scariest pitching rotation since that time Einstein built a time machine and assembled the deadly five-some of Maddux-Koufax-Gibson-Johnson and Young, although they failed to win the Series that year because they ran out of room in the booth and had to settle for Abe Lincoln at second base.  (Let history reflect that we at GROTA always felt he was best suited to play first base due to his lankiness, plus ol' Abe honestly couldn't hit a curveball to save his life.)

But I digress.  We've been voicing the view that the Cubs are surely not done yet, while also insisting that whatever comes next won't be on anybody's radar.  It's not Baseball Prophecy so much as it's Baseball Conventionalism, and I'll love being proved wrong under the right circumstances.

But but but

Al Yellon says it's not gonna happen so it's not!


If the Orioles are involved,

it could be possible that Roberts goes to the Cubs, Peavy to the Orioles and everybody under the sun from both, going to the Padres.


Except that Peavy has a no trade clause, and does not want to go to an AL team, much less a team like the Orioles?

Roberts can't be a priority, can he? We have three second basemen.

The more I think about our trade possibilities, the more I realize I have no idea what makes sense for this team. As it stands, we have: a left handed backup 2B with some pop that can't be counted on for 162 games; an older, relatively expensive 2B that can play all over the field but who is right handed; and a "shortstop" with a weak arm that should probably be moved over to second.

I think Theriot is the best candidate to be moved. I believe his value is maximized at 2B, I really do. He's also a sell high candidate, and he's also right handed. DeRosa's versatility and Fontenot's handedness make them more valuable to the Cubs.

Today's random stab at likely trade situation:

Theriot, Marshall, Pie and Vitters for Peavy. Orioles end up with Pie, and send young pitching to San Diego.

Of course, that does nothing to improve the financial flexibility the Cubs need. Marquis will go to the highest bidder to achieve that.

If I'm right, you owe me an Old Style. Just saying.

Forgot about Peavy

having a list of possible trade candidates. Duh!

I'm still having a hard time understanding Hendry committing the years and money to Peavy, when he cries poor mouth addressing the leadoff man and LH power bat.

Good ol' McPhail...

Someday, we'll actually raise a top-notch outfielder of our own instead of over-fertilizing on the farm and sending broken prospects to Baltimore.

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