Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Series Preview - Cubs at Houston. Um, sort of. Cubs vs. Houston?

Oh, what Ike hath wrought.

In Houston, shingles are missing, power lines are down, and big, giant silly hats are blowing in the wind.  Here in Chicago, animals pair up for a boat trip as we have a brand new record for rainfall in the windy-now-rainy city.  In Milwaukee, cheddar is sharpening at an alarming rate as Houston and the Cubs roll in to play baseball at the last dry spot on Earth.

It's a weird, wild world.

And so today we get to see if the rest helped the Cubs bats.  Perhaps the bats, which have grown so very heavy during this last losing streak, will have returned to their proper weight (except for Soriano's.  He likes the heavy bat).  Perhaps the Cubs will go back to finding ways to win rather than ways to lose.  I dunno.  I hope so.  But I do know that Houston is freakishly hot and that the Cubs are going to have to be on their games to win.

Other interesting things:

  • The Cubs have a magic number of 8 for the Wild Card which means that, should the Cubs play .500 ball for the last 16 games, they will clinch regardless of an action by any other team.
  • The Cubs magic number over Milwaukee is down to 10 which means that, should the Cubs play .500 ball for the last 16 games, they will clinch the division should Milwaukee lose more than a single game.
  • That's freakin' awesome
  • Print up the playoff tickets

Of course, the real trick at this point is getting everyone healthy and playing back up to their potential.  And then, if we do that:

  • We can then get the rotation set and lined up just the way we want it
  • Kill Bob Howry and dispose of the body with a wood chipper
  • Buy a big ol' giant flat screen so I can watch the Cubs in the playoffs in brilliant HD as God intended.

It's time to see the Cubs start playing like a playoff team because, you know, if they don't...I'll start crying.

Series Preview

Cubs vs. Astros at Milwaukee with the Astros as the Home Team Even Though Everyone There Will be a Cub Fan

Sunday, September 14th, 7:05 PM CT

Carlos Zambrano vs. Randy Wolf - Surely the Cubs can't look anywhere near as helpless against Wolf as they did last time they faced him.  It was a rather pathetic effort on the Cubs part last time out as Wolf changed speeds effortless and the Cubs played into his gameplan by not making any adjustments.  Or something.  All I know is Wolf isn't that good and the Cubs are, so they'd do well to hit a bit.

Carlos is injured just a little, but now they're bringing him back after only a bit over a week of rest.  Hey, I love to watch Carlos pitch as much as the next guy, but I love to watch him pitch healthy even more.  While I obviously have roughly a million percent less information than the Cubs organization, it seems like it couldn't have hurt to just let Big Z have another day of rest.

Monday, September 15th, 1:05 PM CT

Jason Marquis vs. Brian Moehler - Marquis has been less terrible than usual lately, so hopefully he'll keep up his little hot streak.  Hey, he might even make a playoff roster!

Moehler's been known to give the Cubs fits from time to time.  This'll be a tough wn for the Cubs.

This is an important series as the Cubs try to get their feet back under themselves.  Go Cubs.

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