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The Lefty Question

With Sean Marshall horsewhipping the Oakland Athletics of Oakland to the tune of perfect over 3 innings, we have a favorite horse* in the fifth starter race.  But the imminent threat Marshall earning a spot in the rotation brings to light one of the big concerns (or as big a concern we can have with a 90+ win team in the NL Central) of the 2009 season.  Who will be the lefty in the bullpen?

(* a metaphorical horse)

You see, the Cubs have brought in a couple lefties who fill the slots of "terrible lefty" and "old and terrible lefty".  That leave room in the bullpen still for a LOOGY, a solid lefty, or the heir apparent to Sandy Koufax.  Any of these options would be great, but neither Cotts nor Stanton are going to fill any one of these rolls.  And don't get your sights set on Marshall stepping out of the rotation and into the LOOGY roll.  Marshall's fairly terribly against lefties and would likely struggle to record the key "O" in LOOGY. 

So do we worry?  Well, no, I suppose not really.  I mean, last year's Cubs lacked any real lefty and managed a solid 97 wins.  And actually, if it's just outs against lefties you want, Kevin Gregg is pretty solid with lefties posting a .622 OPS against last year.  That's probably as good as you're going to get from most LOOGY's anyway.

Do I want Hendry to go out an grab a solid lefty to replace the Cotts/Stanton monstrocity?  Sure, that'd be great.  Is it a paticularily big deal?  Not really.  But when it's Spring and there's not a damn thing going on, you latch onto any possible conflict. So, in that vain...

NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!  WE NEED A LEFTY!!!!!!!!!!!!  AND JAKE PEAVY!!!!!!!!!!  AND...A TINY MONKEY!!!!!!!!!  WITH A HAT!!!!!!!!!

a little red hat.  And he could dance. 

would anyone like to hear a story about a tiny, dancing monkey?

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