Goatriders of the Apocalypse

And so it begins...

As I saw Gordon Wittenmyer of the Sun-Times report in his Twitter feed, Milton Bradley left his first game in a Cubs uniform early with mild tightness in his quad. Here’s the story on the Sun-Times Web site.

Le sigh.

There’s been a bunch of talk about Bradley’s health and durability since he signed with the Cubs during the offseason, and this will not help the situation.

To me, it sounds like a precautionary move just to make sure MB wouldn’t aggravate it anymore. In fact, Wittenmyer said that Bradley worked out for about an hour after he was taken out of the game. Conspiracy theorists will see this as a smoke screen by the coaching staff to assure us fans that all is well, but I think Lou just wanted to protect his prize off-season addition.

Repeat after me: It’s February 26.

So let’s not freak out yet like I’m sure many writers in the greater Chicagoland area will do tomorrow (Yeah, I’m talking to you Rosenbloom).

The logical side of me says

The logical side of me says its nothing.

The Cub fan in me, however, is glancing over at the panic button.

It's only a matter of time

It's only a matter of time until we see MB doing "towel kick" drills.

Hahahahahaha! Doom and gloom


Doom and gloom aside, the concept of a "towel kick" drill is hilarious.

it's coming

It's coming and we should be ready for it. He WILL miss days. Didn't I read some time back that he's not played more than 100 games in the OF in the past few seasons? I still am not fond of his acquisition, though I think his bat (when available) will be of help. I just help that he and the Fonz aren't out at the same time - especially if it's the end of September or even October!

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