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That was a BRUTAL call on the 3-2 pitch to Bradley, and you all should realize by now that I wouldn't say it if it weren't true.  If I were him, I'd probably do exactly the same thing he did.  I will NOT judge him for getting ejected from the game.  The ump should be ashamed of himself.

That having been said, where in the Hell is Lou?  Maybe if the players felt like their manager had their back in the field, they wouldn't waste THEIR time and effort arguing.  Lou, I've been your guy since day one, but like the principal in "Hoosiers" after Norman Dale loses the first three games, I'm beginning to wonder if you know what you're doing.

Lou knew what he was doing...

Even if Milton reached base, he was coming out for a pinch runner...why not let him "light the fire?"

I was in class

When the game was going on. I didn't get to see the game, or the last 3 for that fact (I hate school). I did watch that "strike 3 call" repeatedly and came to the conclusion he did get screwed on that call. Regardless if he comes out for a pinch runner, we still leave the bases loaded, and put the Cardinals on their heals. Uhg....and yeah, when reading about the fact that maybe there was a little history between the two could have had something to do with it. I dunno, it was a sh***y call so Cubbies, I say to you, go out there the next three days and do some SERIOUS damage to the dumb Red birds.

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