Goatriders of the Apocalypse

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Much is being said out here on the 'tubes about the manly manliness that Ted Lilly showed us, between his smackdown with Yadier Molina and his defiant elbow jab at whatever dogcrap Brandon Looper threw at him last night.

Yeah, let me take you through my thought process as it happened:

T-minus twenty feet from the plate: "Lilly, what the hell you running for?"

T-minus ten feet from the plate: "He's dead."

T-minus one foot from the plate: "He's NOT gonna slide..."

Liftoff: "Maybe he's gonna jar the ball loose?"

0.5 seconds after Liftoff: "Damn! I could HEAR that hit!"

1.0 seconds after Liftoff, to the present: "Now, just how would THAT be if he hurt himself doing that...?"

I mean, sure, the man's a menace to society, a cold-blooded killer who hides meaty, juicy man parts in various freezers between here, Arizona and Florida. But in a time when we have one starter with (at least) shoulder tendinitis, another starter with (some sort of) pain that is requiring abnormal amounts of rest, a third starter affectionately known as the Marquis du Suck, and the other starter in the midst of a ill-advised deal with the devil...when you're Ted Lilly of the Chicago Cubs, it is prudent to NOT seek out impact situations that could jeapordize your ability to throw a baseball effectively.

Maybe it IS our year. Lilly walked away, while Molina limped like a crutch bitch.


I tell you what. After my initail concern about Lilly's health. I jumped up and yelled out a booyah (or something to that affect). He knocked the dog crap out of Molina. And not only did he walk away unscathed, he popped up so fast almost never saw him down. Living in missouri, this gives me so much ammo to throw at Cards fans around here. I love it. You all may be down on Lilly for not playing smart, but ya know what? That man wants to WIN. And he is out there doing everything he can to make that happen and inspire his team. Kudos to him, and he earned much respect from me.


So I just realized I used your dogcrap analogy. Didnt mean to thieve, just got stuck in my head I guess.

Don't you worry about it

dogcrap is public domain

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