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Gamecast (June 19, 2010) Angels @ Cubs

Well everyone. We're not 10 games out yet. I'm just saying. As I write this, the Cubs are already down 4-0. Yesterday's loss against the Angels was another one of the 1 run variety. The Cubs are now 10-16 in 1 run games.Hopefully the Cubs can come back today and try to win this blasted game!

Today's Matchup: Jered Weaver (87.2IP, 3.29ERA, 3.49xFIP) vs Ted Lilly (68.1IP, 2.90ERA, 4.79xFIP)

Who's Hot? Derrek Lee and Tyler Colvin had a pretty good game yesterday. Lee is about to start moving back towards his normal .360 wOBA type numbers. Colvin continues to dumfound me. If Lee is due to move up, I think Colvin is due to regress. I wanted to point this out:

Colvin 2010 (major leagues): .315/.372/.639
Colvin 2009 (Double A): .300/.334/.524

He should be a decent player. Instead he's Albert Pujols lite. I expect that to end fairly soon, especially since Lou has decided he's now a regular.

Who's Not? I was just beginning to think that Jeff Baker was enough better than Aramis Ramirez that he could be at least a part time thirdbaseman even when Rammy got back. And then he goes out and basically gives the Angels a big inning that kept the Cubs comeback from resulting in a win yesterday. Jeez.

Conclusion: Once again, I point out, the Cubs are not quite out of it. They are drawing to the proverbial two outer (to use a poker term that probably is missed by many here) but they aren't quite out of it. Recently I saw the draft order for next year and saw that the Cubs were in the top 10 at number 9 currently! For the most part, they have been better than that in the last decade or so. I don't think they will pick that high but if they continue to get as sick unlucky as they have been. The bright side is we'll see a high draft pick. So watch the game today. Root for a win. Be philisophical if they lose.

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