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Jake Peavy wants to be a Cub - c'mon, Jim. Sack up!!

The San Diego Union Tribune reported Wednesday that our new favorite Jake is telling his BFF (baseball friends forever) that he wants to be a Cub. 

Absolutely no doubt in this reporter's mind that his reasoning probably starts with the love he has for us, the Die Hard Cubs Fans!!  He wants to pitch for us!  He wants to be the cheeze in our macaroni!  The saw-seege in our deep dish pizza!  The Old Style in our plastic cups....

/sound of phonograph needle being dragged across record.  God, I hate Old Style

...anyway, J-Dog notes we should "spend some cash on the most epic pitching staff ever".  Heh.  That sounds seriously cool.  To be able to install the filthy and unhittable Rich Harden as the Best Fifth Starter in Baseball History.  Which actually would be absolutely in tune with his physical capabilities (ie. the need to rest him).  It would also allow us to just, utterly, DUMP the Marquis du Suck on anyone who is willing to waste a roster spot on his silly ass, and yes, I am also assuming that we're paying the freight on him, too.  But this is the only way that du Suck ISN'T pitching for us in 2009, and if you already have Peavy, Dempster, Z, Lilly and Harden, there ain't no shame in a straight salary dump concerning Marquis.

Yes, logic dictates that what we have now (no Peavy, Harden #4 and Marquis #5) is not only sufficient, but head and shoulders above the rotations of every other team in the known universe.  BUT....that's what we have, now, and we got swept in the NLDS.  Again.  Yes, logic dictates that if the Braintrust thinks it has an extra $12MM or so to spend, that the sensible place to spend it would be a left handed hitter, preferably one that can lead off and/or play right field.

BUT WHAT IF we instead got Peavy, and got Fukudome into playing shape (Uncle Lou intimated the other day that Fooky was soft in the middle), and just juggled the batting order?  Put ARam 3rd, Soto 4th, Soriano 5th, Lee 6th, and spin the Wheel of Fortune for a leadoff man (my needle stopped on DeRosa)? 

I would just LOVE to see that, as some sort of Bizarre Sports Experiment, all Defense, all the Time. 

Hey, it worked for the 1985 Bears? 

The Cubs probably have

one less LHB with no Edmonds, and even if DeRosa replaces the twirly bird in RF and Fontenot plays 2B everyday, the team's lineup is still woefully unbalanced and devoid of much speed.

A trade for Peavy doesn't improve the defense, lead off position or middle of the order LHB, and while I'd love to have him, I'd also like to have Feuntes, Josh Hamilton and Jimmy Rollins.

If Hendry has the payroll flexibility he had 2 years ago, I say get'em all. But if trial balloons are already being floated by Hendry for a guy like Teahan, I can't see Hendry making a move for Peavy. If Hendry does, he'll have a hard time trying to sell the fans on second tier players due to payroll constraints.

Righties vs. Righties

This is probably directed more towards Colin, our resident Stat Guru.

How are our regs against right handed pitching? Is it that lopsided that we really need that lefty in the line up? I know the whole lefty vs righty and vice versa percentages...yadda yadda. But does OUR offense follow that same theory?

Just curious...

Oh, the result would be quite INbalanced

A team with 8 right-handed thumpers with average speed, at best, represents quite an inbalanced offense, for sure.

But wouldn't the resulting rotation make you weep tears of joy? Since everyone in the rotation would be locked up for the next two years (at least)? Any roads to the pennant would have to come through us.

Like I said, it would be a Sports Experiment like no other.

Our rotation was great last

Our rotation was great last season; it's the offense that let us down in the playoffs. I'd certainly be OK keeping Marquis as #5 if we grab a LHB or two. Marquis chews innings and is never hurt. He may a a bit expensive in that this is his walk year (right/), but still.

What sucks is that you can't predict anomalies like the multi-error game against the Dodgers. Build your team for defense all you want - stuff like that happens. It just seemes to happen at the WORST FRIGGIN' TIME for the Cubs


A five man rotation that won 97 games last year, yah I know, we keep loosing in the playoffs... But, no team ever used a five man rotation in the playoffs.

It's not like this Cub team lacks offense

Even without a big lefty bat... it's not exactly like this is a poor offensive club. They will roll up runs on people with or without another bat, maybe not at the same clip, but it's not like this team will finish in the bottom half of the league in runs scored.

I'm no GM, but I would take the current lineup and roll the dice with the funkdome in right and some sort of Johnson/Pie (unless he gets dealt) platoon in CF, if I knew my rotation was Zambrano, Lilly, Harden, Dempster, Peavy.

Then you have the obvious possiblity of Fontenot at 2nd and DeRosa in RF with funkdome in CF if Pie were in a different uniform.

Offensive totals over

the course of a regular season don't always point to similar results in the postseason.

During the course of a regular season a hitter has the opportunity to pad his stats against the weaker teams and even against a probable playoff team, he may benefit from not even seeing the opponents ace in the series. .

At playoff time there are no weak teams and quite frequently you'll see the opponent's ace more than once.

It explains why free swingers like Soriano struggle during the playoffs. Soriano has a fairly substantive sample size in the playoffs. 174AB 37Hits 4HR 18RBI 53K .213BA
As you can see that in no way mirrors his regular season numbers.

Now Soriano isn't alone here as many hitters won't put up the same numbers in the playoffs they do during the regular season. But that all the more punctuates the point of having a balanced lineup to have as many offensive options as possible come playoff time.

A legitimate LH leadoff man should be a priority if for no other reason than to get Soriano out of the leadoff spot, and a big LH thumper in the middle of Ramirez, Soriano and Lee could help force out an opponents starter or reliever.

These little nuances in and by themselves may not change the course of a game but when coupled together, you give your team the little edge that quite often separates the winners from losers.




god this towers & hendry deal is getting very very old now
I believe that they either have tried everything to make this happen but towers is being a greedy fool ,my point is the cubs would be assuming peavys 17 mil per avg contract with option year and he wants the better part of the remaining farm prospects thats way to much they want us to save them money and get our best prospects. That just dont work we allready have the best NL team without peavy and peavy wants to win thats why he wants to go to the cubs. Towers has very little imho to hold us over the barrell with. We could get him and need very little else consider this
ss furcal or theriot or cedeno
2b fontenot or derosa
rf fukudome or derosa or hoffpaur
3b ramirez
lf soriano
1b lee
c soto
cf johnson or fukudome
p peavy zambrano dempster harden lilly
rp marmol, samardzia ,fla closer ( i forget his name), marshall, godan
trade 3 or 4 of the following players ( or all of them if we could get green also) theriot pie cotts cedeno marshall and marquis
I know that the cubs would be over budget but do it anyway we the faithfull cubs fans deserve a WS title so everyone can finally shut up about the 100+ years of no WS titles and why not try again for edmonds if his price would be right and renegotiate peavys contract and extend it 2 years for a avg 15m per for 7 years he wants desperatly to play for the cubs anyway
The team would then be a dynasty for atleast 5 years for the new or old owner would still fill the stands, get post season money for every home game, get wgn & comcast tv money, 20%+ of the roof tops money ballpark advertising money for signs ,etc,etc,etc,+ etc
They could more than afford that beefy payroll and end this drought in 09 and maybe win 3 more times in the next 4 years
Im probably dreaming but if im dreaming why not resign woody for a 2 year 10m contract dump whatever it takes to make most of this happen jim hendry and we would realize that you love us back for all of those years of us loving them and taking crap from everyother team in the major leages

Piece of Sheet Peavy

how bout we back the retard bus up to the stadium and load up 1/2 the team and farm system for Peavy!!!! this is getting insanely ridiculous- the guy is not worth the headache to even think about the deal. Why on earth- Why would you want him in the 1st place maybe if we didnt re sign demp then maybe ok. But ultimately we did resign demp and peavy is not worth $64 million dollars over 4 years or the 14-15 wins a yr he would bring! Not a godly acquisition here--- how bout this instead FIX OUR FREAKING OFFENSE!!!!!!!!!!! get us a leadoff hitter possibly switch hitter if possible buy a lh buster for mid lineup and dump those pieces of trash marquis and soriano--- hell if u want a pitcher sign dam johnson for $4 mill this yr for 10 w in the column and pay $4 mill more to bring woody back -- find us a couple of guys who can get on base consistantly and wont whine about their roles and can hit with the rest of the lineup. then low and behold problem solved world series winners!!!

reply 2 piece of sheet peavy

The cubs could back the retard bus up and unload the out of options players like pie cedeno hart fuld cotts and marquis (though he still has some options)
we would be doing the pads a favor by assuming peavys contract and what if hes a bust like wood and prior were that would be the worst trade ever but i doubt he would be a bust and peavy would win more like 18 with the cubs (guessing)

fontenot could be a allstar potentially if he were given a full season to play lefty hitting 25-30 homers and batting 280 or so that would be the lefty we need

hoffpaur could hit 30+ homers and hes a lefty also he could be a decent right fielder not a star but a decent fielder and he has earned the chance if they wont give him that chance trade him

either option isnt a superstar in the making but would be worth a shot at a starting job without breaking the bank anymore than it allready is

theriot batted for great avg but defensivly he was below avg and he was a aceptable risk heck i would trade him also for better defense

as far as the leadoff spot goes furcal is a health risk also but 6 teams have lined up for a chance at signing him and IF hes healthy he could be the leadoff hitter

imho of being a loyal cub fan for 25 years and a mlb respectfull fan

Piece of Sheet Peavy

imho loyal cub fan for 35 years and tired of not winning - i dont think furcal is the answer to leadoff nor is soriano- point proven hoffpaur is the unknown in the equation. cant see peavy winning 18 unless big z goes down for like half the season, i think we need to con the os for roberts to leadoff and keep the kids for fillins and bench spots instead of signing too many busts- but food for thought how bought bringin in a dunn for spot play/bench and just all around hitting even tho he needs 20-30 ab a wk to keep his swing which is approx 4-5 games -and still say save the cash from peavy and invest in a back up arm again like lieber was last yr and let johnson get his 300th in a cub uniform. i like derosa on spot playing 3-4 days a wk and let font and riot fun the middle and bring in dunn/hoff for rf and keep reed/fuk in center and let everyone else bench and need to replace d wards bat too.


Didn't we have the best rotation in the known universe in 03 and 08? And how many rings?
Seems to me the bats went to sleep in Dodger series. Give me Marquis or an Iowa call up and a serious RF bat.
Gotta score to win.

Well, if you want to be

Well, if you want to be technical about it, the Cubs had the best offense in the NL last year and the 2nd or 3rd best pitching staff behind, amongst others, the Dodgers.

Just saying. Offense is important, but it doesn't mean much if your pitching is so good that the other team can't score.

Consider your past

5 World Series Champions and you'll notice some interesting similarities.

2008 Phillies
A true ace of the staff and quality #2 with Moyer as the #3.
Quality switch hitting leadoff man
4 LHB counting switch hitters (2) in the everyday lineup

2007 Red Sox
A true ace of the staff and quality #2 & #3
Quality leadoff man
4 LHB counting switch hitter in everyday lineup

2006 Cardinals

2005 White Sox
A true ace of the staff and quality #2, #3 & #4
Quality leadoff man
3 LHB in everyday lineup

2004 Red Sox
A true ace of the staff, quality #2, #3 & Wakefield as #4
A quality leadoff man
5 LHB counting switch hitter in everyday lineup

Now of course I've omitted a number of other factors here but I just wanted to highlight how it wasn't necessarily that the rotation shut out the opponent, although having a quality #1 & #2 was a minimal requirement, but it was the balance and a quality leadoff man in these lineups that played at least as important a part in these teams success.


I have done alot of reading about the peavy situation and I have changed my mind he would be nice to have but cubs dont need him at all.

Trade marquis for 1 dollar or offer the new marquis team 1 dollar to take him he is still a decent pitcher.

Angel guzman looks like he is ready for the 5th spot and could be a great option without breaking the bank.

Give fukudome another shot at RF he will do better trust me he just needs to better condition himself for spring training and lou has mentioned that 2 him.

I like theriot but he needs to play better defense OR HE NEEDS REPLACED AND NOT BY FURCAL he is to way to much of a health risk.

The cubs dont need roberts either hes not better than fontenot and definitly not better than derosa.

Bobby abreau is what the cubs need if you dont want fukudome in right.

The big unit could probably be signed for 1 year for a good price and he would get the 300th with the cubs and that would be great.

Heck I have said since last year early in the season that I would love to have Nate Mclouth in center maybe we could trade marquis & pie to pirates for him.

Maybe fukudome could be traded for a very good long reliever. maybe

The cubs have lots of options keep marquis pie & fukudome or trade them it doesnt matter thats great deal to be in on.

I just hope the will be able to hit pitch and have alot better defense in the playoffs next year (and yes they will repeat the central cuz looks alot weaker in 09 atleast now it does)


i actually agree with the angel guzman for prez vote too. would be a great run on that #5 slot on the pitching staff. heres another thought for process too- lets dump marquis and eat about 4 mil of his contract and another prospect to royals for teahen then turn around and sign jaq jones back (heard thru report he wants to play in 09) on a incentive laden contract - wala rf is a whole lot rosier -both jones and teahen identical to bat av , obp, and slug which is decent but not great but what do both bring we need ? value and Left Handed bats to lineup = flexibility and bench depth for the of as well. then we have gotten rid of marq and his salary and lousy attitude, got 2 lh hitters and solidified #5 slot on rotation and didn break the bank for anybody. then we can tweak that lineup and still add another bat if need be and keep hoff up and teach him of as well as his 1b skills and all the sudden we got a better version of d ward off the bench.


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