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Open Sunday Topic: Post Season Rosters

So, you wake up, open your web browser - and obviously, GROTA is the website you've set to be your homepage - and, to your astonishment, rather than a dissertation on the performance of the team against the Cardinals last night, you find yet another open topic.

"What the heck are they doing," you ask yourself.  (You refrain from using the h-e-double-hockey-sticks word because it's the Lord's Day and that's just how you roll.)  "It's like they're not even trying this weekend!"

Well, the truth of the matter is that I'm away right now.  Yep, where I'm at is not a place where there are computers.  I'm rocking it old school this weekend.  I'm living it up Amish style.  I'm ... good lord, I'm really lame.  But I'm also not able to blog, as I am in the States visiting friends and family.  Hell, some of them may have even seen the ESPN piece, which means they've lavished me with free booze and beatings.  (I come from a weird town.)  In other words, I actually wrote this post on Thursday night and rather than see GROTA with no content, I thought it would be better to ...

::cue eerie soundtrack::

blooooog from the beyoooooond!

::organ crescendo::

So.  Yesterday, in theory you discussed and debated how to best handle the Cubs lineup for the remainder of the season.  Hopefully, you decided that Lou should continue to use his regulars, but on a somewhat more limited basis, and that he should continue to pitch his starters, but refrain from them tossing more than 90 pitches in a game.  Either that, or you had a huge blow-up argument.

Today, the question is this: who makes the playoff roster?  Do you carry Jason Marquis, or Bob Howry?  Or neither?  (Cripes, when Jon Miller asked me this question on his radio show, how come I didn't come up with "neither?"  I'm a dope!)  Or both?  Does Daryle Ward make the cut, or should Lou work his magic and bring Micah Hoffpauir to the Big Show?  And what about Fukudome?  Defensive replacement only, or the team's starter and 8th hitter - and 9th when Zambrano plays?  Who are your roster surprises?

Leave your comments below and pray for my sake that I'm not a hung over mess as you're reading this, especially since I'll probably be back on the road headed home to Toronto. Ed's Note: Or indeed, given Kurt's strangely prophetic choice of topic, let's hope that there are a few people still able to read this despite The Great (hangover) Fog of (National League Central Champions) 2008.

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