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Open Saturday Topic: From today until ... well, the 28th of September

Continuing a brilliant idea I had last weekend, rather than slave over the blog on a day in which I should be sleeping in, I thought I'd open a topic of discussion to y'all.  (Yes, I said "y'all."  I know what you're thinking, but my poll numbers tell me that people think it's folksy and it makes me seem less elitist.)

The Cubs are playoff bound, and, barring a catostrophic disaster, they will have homefield advantage throughout the NL portion of the post season.  Therefore, everything they do from this point forward is basically window dressing.

With that in mind, I'd like to open this question to the GROTA Army: if you're Lou Piniella, how do you handle your regulars from here on out?  Do you bench them entirely, or do you start them daily to keep them loose?  Do you turn to a starting rotation consisting of fresh-faced youngsters who are still a few years removed from the ability to grow a luxurious beard, or do you keep your pitching staff intact albiet perhaps with a few restrictions?

Post your thoughts in the comments.  Or, hell, write up a Reader Blog.  Either way, enjoy your Saturday, my friends.

Rest Soto

They need to make sure they get Soto a few days off. He's had a hell of a work load up to this point and probably could really use some rest to make sure he's able to keep it up for all 11 wins.

And obviously Lee seems to benefit from rest, so keep fresh.

Of, and Theriot. He's been terrible this September. Lots of reasons to rest him. Give Cedeno some reps.

(I guess you can put me in the rest everyone camp. Not sure what to do able the rotation, though.)

After the division is

After the division is clinched (cause we all know Lou is all business till it is accomplished no matter what the odds) start em and pull em early. That goes for the lineup as well as the rotation. I agree to give Soto some due time off. As for anyone else, give em a couple days off and other than that, like I said before, start em and pull a few at a time probably in the 4th or 5th.


Rotate the regs with rest. Should be 3 or 4 subs starting during these road games.

Give Harden and Zambrano maybe one more start before the playoffs. Give Smardijiabambino and Marshall a start or two. Try Hart as a closer. And use Marquis and Howry until their arms fall off.


I would have posted my beliefs, but haight named them all...

So I have to say something original and unheard of in Chicago Cubs Baseball.



Today is the day! Shout box

Today is the day! Shout box isn't working for me so i figured i'd give a whats up in here! lol

Harden should get one more

Harden should get one more start, with an extra days rest, and his next outing needs to be in the division series. Sit the starters tomorrow, and then play them 5 days a week from here on out. And definitely get Geo another few days off.

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