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Bad Calls (and more) Do in Cubs

The Cubs fell to the Brewers 5-4 tonight at Wrigley in twelve innings, but they didn't have to. The Northside Nine squandered a four run lead and several opportunities to score, but their struggles were also aided by some questionable calls by the umpires.

Alfonso Soriano Strikes Out in the Seventh

The above file shows a sixteen frame sequence of Alfonso Soriano's "strikeout" in the seventh inning (captured in all it's digital splendor by yours truly). This "swinging strike" three ended the Cubs scoring threat with men on second and third... and it was one of several bad calls by the umps. As you can sortof see in the picture, Alfonso fouled the ball off and the catcher did not catch it. So it shouldn't have been a strikeout.

The other bad call that sticks out in my mind was when Derrek Lee stole third base in the third inning after doubling in Alfonso Soriano. Derrek clearly had the base stolen, but was called out anyhow. Two pitches later, Aramis Ramirez parked his 200th homerun of his career... a solo.

I got some really nifty shots with the camera tonight, but the digitizing process is going to take some time. I'll leave you with Aramis' 200th dinger, Alfonso in his very aggressive crouch, a nice one of Cliff Floyd, and the stills of the Soriano "strikeout," As always, click on the thumbnails to open the picture in a new window.

Aramis Ramirez blasts his 200th career Home Run

Aramis Ramirez jacks a solo shot out in the third inning. Derrek Lee had been caught stealing just a few pitches before.

Alfonso Soriano has a pretty swing, when he connects.

Alfonso Soriano follows through on a swing (foul ball).

Cliff Floyd swings at Wrigley Field.

Cliff Floyd got the start in left field today. He was removed as part of the convulted triple switch that moved Jacque to right field, Felix Pie to center, Matt Murton as a pinch hitter, and a new pitcher. I told my buddies... "I'm going to have to start scoring these games if Lou keeps this up."

Alfonso Soriano strikes out in the seventh.

For your detailed inspection, these are the frames that comprise the moving .gif at the top of the story.

Soriano's K

The ball doesn't actually hit the bat, but rather hits him, therefore, it can't be a foul ball. The umps incorrectly said he made an attempt to hit the ball, so it should have been a HBP and not a foul ball.

That would explain the hand

Ah! Brilliant! I haven't seen the replays, just my photos... but the ball hitting him on the hand would explain both the fact that the ball's trajectory changed (which was plainly visible from my seat) and why he was shaking his hand afterward.

Duh! Still, a bad call by the ump.

This has been a message of Pestilence

how is this a bad call?

He swung at the pitch, no? There've been tons of horrific calls; no question. But this seems to be one where they got it right. He swings at the ball; if he doesn't hit the ball with the bat, it's a strike no matter what...

Um... what swing?

Except that if you look at the picture, you can clearly see the bat doesn't break the plane of the plate... which is not a swing.

Besides, if you're calling it a swing, then he fouled the ball off, and the catcher didn't catch it, so it is a foul ball.

The only way the ump's call is correct is if he ruled that the ball made no contact with the bat or Alfonso's hand.

Clearly, that didn't happen.

This has been a message of Pestilence

no pics of where ball landed in bleachers

i wonder who the idiot was that dropped the ball in the bleachers that nite. oh yeah. it was me. it fell into the road behind me too. it was a good day regardless. i got the soriano signed ball promo from that nite.

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