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Trade deadline recap

Hi all. Here are some Cub related notes on today's trade deadline:

The Cubs themselves sent Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot to the Dodgers for second baseman Blake DeWitt and two varying degrees of good prospects. Brett Wallach is the jem here and will immediately move into the Cubs' top 15 prospect lists. Good Bye to Ted and Ryan, both of whom have been key parts of the team over the last four years and deserve our respect and honor. I am very interested to see what DeWitt will be able to do for the Cubs.

The Cardinals traded away Ryan Ludwick and received Jake Westbrook in return. Westbrook is an ok pitcher, everyone keeps speculating that he will be fixed somehow by Dave Duncan and while agree that Westbrook is the type of pitcher who has had success working with Duncan, I also think that rookie John Jay is going to be out of his depth and this deal further hurts the Cardinals' offense. I actually think that overall, the Cardinals have not really improved themselves.

The Astros, of course, traded both Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman away in an effort to turn those 2 out of 3's against the Cubs into sweeps.... I don't think they got back near enough and don't consider Bret Wallace to be anywhere near the offensive force that Berkman has been. I wonder if the Astros wouldn't have just better off keeping both players and trying to swap them in 2011. I don't think they did well.

The Reds did nothing. Kind of surprising. If I were a Red fan, I'd be angry. It may not matter. They could win it anyway. Oh and Jonny Gomes is still a huge Ahole. Just saying.

The Pirates flipped some of their roster for some potentially nice players and pretty much got more from trading Octavio Dotel, Javier Lopez, Bobby Crosby and Ryan Church than the Astros got for dealing Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman. Wow.

Ex Cub Kerry Wood got traded to the Yankees. I wish him well and now I'm rooting for the Yankees to win the World Series. Wood is a Cub and will always be one. As such if he wins a title.... in a way we all do. Go Kerry!

Kyle Farnsworth was traded at the deadline to the Braves along with Rick Ankiel for a whole bevy of interesting prospects. Farnsworth doesn't have anywhere near the same level of respect in Chicago that my man Kerry has, thus I am not particularly concerned with this deal. I do find new Royals prospect Tim Collins particularly interesting.

Other than that, the rest of the Cubs are still here. No Fuku trade, no Zambrano trade, Nady will be passed through waivers I'm sure and could be dealt. I am a fan of Mike Fontenot bug with DeWitt on board, I don't really see what he does for the Cubs so I expect Fontenot be also be passed through waivers and possibly traded. Jeff Baker may still have value on the team.

Overall, a massively interesting day. I'm happy with the deal. I would have liked to have seen the Cubs do more but I don't believe I was ever one of those "Blow up the team" people so I won't complain. I will leave this up for two hours before posting today's gamecast.

(Edit) I forgot to mention Will Ohman traded back to the NL to play for the Marlins. He's still around and is pretty effective.

Anybody BUT Yankees

Our (Cardinals) offense is so sucky lately that I don't know if "hurts the Cardinals' offense" means much, unless we figure out a way to score negative runs. And Westbrook only has to be an improvement over Hawksworth for this to be an OK trade.

But just when I thought you and I had come to an understanding, you decide the frickin' YANKEES should win ANOTHER World Series?!? I don't care how much man-love you have for Kerry Wood, that's going too far! I would pull for ANYONE, including the Cubs, over the Yankees! I can only hope you were joking about that, but if so it's NOT funny...

LOL token

Yeah, I can't really root for the Yankees either but since they are going to win it anyway, may as well be happy that Kerry gets a ring, eh?

Oh and BTW, I'm not sure that Westbrook is much of an improvement over Hawksworth. Good Luck.

Say it ain't so, Kerry

OK, thank you for that clarification, I can live with that. But for myself, although I never did have anything against Wood -- now I am required to hate him under the "He's a damn Yankee" clause in my personal belief system. Nothing personal.

The word is that Westbrook's DNA profile shows him more susceptible to Dave Duncan's voodoo than Hawksworth was. (Local farmers outside St. Louis have been seen shipping fresh chicken entrails to Busch.)


I am skeptical that Westbrook can be more than 5th starter filler even with Duncan around but who knows, he doesn't seem that much worse than Joel Pineiro, so who knows.

BTW, the Yankees are like the Cardinals to me. I don't feel emotionally negative to them, per se. If I was to pick an AL team I like, it changes from year to year but this year, I'm rooting for Texas, so there's that. Still, I do love my Kerry Wood and really hope that if the Yankees win, he plays a part.

Trade & Yanks

Yeah, seriously, with Lohse coming back soon I don't know how much Westbrook will figure in. The general blogosphere response to the Cards' trade seems to be on the negative side.

The Yankees would have to skip the postseason for about 15-20 years for me to stop hating them -- judging by the fact that I'm still not quite over the Braves. I like new teams to get in, except for MY team, of course. By all rights I should really be a Cubs fan.

Keep hanging out

Keep hanging out on this blog and see if we can turn you away from the dark side! (said by someone who, once again, doesn't feel the unrequited hatred for the Cardinals that many Cub fans do)

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