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Carlos Zambrano has shoulder tendonitis

Cubs.com is reporting that Carlos is simply suffering for a bout of rotator cuff tendonitis, which is probably the best we could have hoped for.  They say he will be out for a week and there's no reason to think they are being anything less than forthcoming.

Ask Dr. Jason: What is tendonitis?

Tendonitis of the rotator cuff is when is hurts to throw a baseball.  Similar to the flesh eating virus, tendonitis presents itself with the same symptoms as your basic flu, except for the fever, nausea, and vomitting.  The aches and pains part is the same, though.

The Cubs would be insane to bring him back next week unless the Brewers are threatening to overcome the Cubs for the Central lead and, even then, they're probably better off with Marshall.  In all seriousness, tendonitis is little tears in the tendons and absolutely nothing will help other than rest and anti-inflamation medication.  Let Carlos rest.  His rotator cuff is sleepy.

But still, good news.

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