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Carlos Zambrano to have MRI tomorrow

According to 670 The Score ("Goat Riders: We Listen to Sports Talk radio so you don't have to"), Carlos is scheduled to have an MRI tomorrow.  To me, this makes it a certainty that he's going to hit the DL.  If it hurts enough to look for structural damage, it hurts enough to take a couple weeks off.


Worst case scenario...

...Dempster, Harden & Lilly as your playoff pitchers. Still feel ok.


It's still better than last year's playoff rotation and, of course, the team itself is just much better.


*breathes in...exhales*

Didn't he skip his MRI today? WTF was with THAT brilliant plan? Ignoring whatever it is won't make it go away.

I can feel the ulcer forming.


I've been 'ignoring' Dane Cook and wishing he would go away, but he's still around.

He's such a craptastic unfunny asshat.

I digress...

The wheels have fallen off

Stick a fork in 'em. They're done. Sure, they'll make the playoffs...but they ain't going to the World Series. Why? See below:

Big Z's been ignoring a tear in his shoulder that probably needs surgery.

6-4-Lee is worthless in the clutch.

E-ramis has rediscovered his Pissburgh defensive prowess.

Fukudome, besides the walks, is pretty much useless offensively.

Lassie is back to molesting collies.

Lou continues to use Howry, and the Bed-Shitter (Weurtz) is back with the club.

Harden can't pitch more than 6 innings before he racks up 100 pitches.

Dempster an Lilly are pretty much career .500 pitchers...what can you really expect in the post-season?

I hope to the Big Man in the Sky that I'm wrong, and I'd love nothing more than for the Cubs to win it all...mejustthinks that the wheels have already fallen off.

I'm shocked to see you

I'm shocked to see you respond this way, Smitty. Shocked.

I realize that you're preparing yourself in order to soften any potential blow that may come and that it's just because you have had your heart broken enough times already.

But here's the deal ... if you're wrong and the Cubs reach the World Series, remember your "stick a fork in 'em" comment. You'll enjoy it if they win anyway, but you gave up on this team. Be thankful that nobody actually ON the team has taken the same approach as yourself.

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