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GROTA Round Table: 2010 Predictions, Part 6

And welcome to the final installment of the Round Table (well, next-to-final).  Again, if you have arguments, agreements, or anything in-between that you'd like to share with our sometimes-ridiculous opinions (those would be mine, mostly), please feel free.

Expectations, continued

6. Who will be the first on the DL?

Rob - DLee.  The seat belt in his car will lock up during a sudden stop, wrenching his neck.  

Yarbage - I’m going with Ted Lilly and Angel Guzman…oh…other than them. Hmm, I think Alfonso will spend at least two weeks at some point on the DL.

Byron - I think I always predict Aramis... but I'll go with Ted Lilly this year.

Mike - Oooh good question.  That's a crapshoot.  I guess I'll take Silva in that we'll DL him with "ineffectiveness"

Peter - Well, we don't have to hide Troy Patton or any other Rule 5 pick for that matter so this is a tough one.  Outside of Lilly and Guzman, I guess I'll go with Chad Tracy.  I feel his familiarity with the DL makes him a decent candidate.

AJ - If you don't count guys that are already injured (Guzman, Lilly, Nady, and I guess Gray?), I'll go with Aramis. I'm suspicious of that triceps.

Phil - Soriano.

Kurt - Ryan Theriot!  Why?  Because nobody expects it!

7. Who will be the first player suspended?

Rob - Marmol.  He will stick a pitch in someone's earhole at an inopportune time.  He will deny intent, but since the unfortunate hitter will require admission in hospital, the league will have no choice.

Yarbage - The Cubs are going to realize that Jeff Samardzija can’t really pitch and he’s going to throw at Prince Fielder on April 23 in Milwaukee. Fielder will charge and break his finger and miss four weeks ending Milwaukee’s season. In the meantime, Samardzija is suspended for five days and is sent to AAA to prepare to start the 2011 season.

Byron - That's a tough one. I'm going to go with Todd Ricketts (the cool Ricketts brother), even though he's not a player. I could see him sitting by the dugout, heckling the umps ala Mark Cuban. Need proof, watch the guy on the far right in this video, 1:06 - 1:20. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GK7a6O8-2FA)

Mike - I'll go with 0 suspensions this year.

Peter -
I don't think anyone gets suspended this year.  At least not for anything all that fun.

AJ - Z.

Phil -
I'll stick with the obvious and say Zambrano

Kurt - Theriot again!  In fact, this is how he hurts himself -- after getting beaned in the 4th inning sometime next week, he'll charge the mound, get tackled from behind by the catcher, and dislocate a shoulder, suffering a 2 game suspension in the process.

8. What can we expect from surprise success story Randy Wells?

Rob - sublime innings eating, absorption of life lessons from Greg Maddux, consistency.

Yarbage - Randy Wells is a perfect fourth starter. There is no way he repeats his success of 2009, but I see a 12 win, 3.75 ERA this season.

Byron - Maybe Wells will be the first player suspended. I could see a story emerging where he brings one of his hunting rifles to the Cubs lockerroom and starts pointing it around, and then the league has to explain to him about gun safety. Wait. That was Gilbert Arenas... and I'll bet you Randy Wells understands Gun Safety. No, we can just expect 8 wins, 11 losses, and a lot of pictures of him wearing his Camo-Cubs hat.

Mike - A regression to the mean.  A .500 record and an ERA of 4 and a quarter.  Which is just fine for a #4 or 5 starter making league minimum.  Don't expect another 3.05 ERA people..it's just not happening.. the secondary stats arent there for a repeat.  But he'll have great facial hair!

Peter - More of the same.  The story of Randy Wells is one of consistency and control.  Throwing Greg Maddux in the mix to tutor him can't hurt that equation.

AJ - A 4.50 ERA and an 11-13 record.

Phil - I can't see him having the same kind of numbers this year. Probably about a 4.50 ERA, 11 win season.

Kurt - He's probably not the next Greg Maddux, but I doubt that he's not the next Jeremi Gonzalez, either (lightning can't strike twice, can it?*).  If the Cubs expect from Wells a solid #3 or #4 pitcher, then they probably won't be disappointed.  He might win 12, he might even win 15.  He might get his ERA below 4, or it might be just above it. 

(*too soon?  Bad taste?)

Tomorrow, apart from being opening day, we'll unveil our new Series Preview graphic, we'll wrap up our final thoughts on the season, and we'll do our final 2010 Preview -- Lou Piniella.  It should be a busy day at GROTA.  We hope to see you here often.

I hope Carlos Silva Goes on

I hope Carlos Silva Goes on the DL it will for the cubs own good
n e body see Mr. Silva Starting the 7th game in the WS agains the Yanks
Texeira and A Rod would have Batting Practice on him and
we would end up losing 94 to 8

My take

First player on the DL I see is A-Ram. Something about the triceps and his shoulder being correlated. Also, I could see D-Lee having another neck issue.

First player suspended, and if I HAD to pick someone, would be Sweet Lou. Although, Big Z is another good candidate for that.

I like Randy Wells. I picked him up in my fantasy league and I think he can pull out 15 wins with an ERA UNDER 4.00. GREAT numbers for a #4 pitcher.

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