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The True Story of the 120-Win Zambran-0-Meter

About a million years ago (I think before the start of the '05 season, but perhaps before the start of the '04 year), Carlos Zambrano once predicted that a healthy Cubs team would win 120 games.

That is what inspired the Zambran-0-Meter.  Some years we have tempered the expectations a bit, modifying it to 110, 100, or even 90 games.  One year we changed it into a 100-loss meter (fueled by the fiery glare of Dusty Baker).  But, for the time being, in 2010 it will be 120 wins again.

It is difficult to keep updated for a bunch of reasons.  It takes time and effort that I don't always have.  Usually if somebody nudges me to fix it, I intentionally ignore them because I do have some characteristics of a douchebag, but if you notice that it's been a week without updates feel free to let me know in the ShoutBox and I will make the appropriate changes.

Will the Cubs win 120 games?  Or even 100?  Or even 90?  Who knows.  But let's celebrate hope for as long as we have it.  120 wins.  Yes they can!


If you want to appoint someone to take care of it *cough cough* that would work.

It's more complicated than it

It's more complicated than it seems. With most images, I store them on photobucket for convenience. But Photobucket seems to have a slow-to-refresh cache, which means that if I modify an image it might take days for the image to actually update on the site.

I keep the Zambran-0-Meter on a quicker-to-refresh website, which means that it updates faster. Therefore, I can't give that duty over to anybody else. But I have changed the image a bit this year, to make it possible to track even individual wins fairly easily. I just need to go in and update it in a timely manner.

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