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Fukudome to Team Japan

Based on the reports I've seen, our little Fukker will be one of 5 major leaguers to play on Team Japan for the WBC this year.  I know that some people have been opposed to that on account of how badly he tanked at the end of last season, but look at it this way:

Over the winter, Fukudome has surely been trying to work out the kinks of his swing (you know, the one where he corkscrews himself and almost falls over).  The sooner he sees competitive pitching, the sooner he'll know for sure if he's fixed his stroke.  Not to mention he'll likely be prepared to play sooner, and preparation can never be a bad thing.

As far as the WBC goes, I'm opposed to the best ML pitchers participating because it seemed to mess them up the last time around and baseball arms tend to be conditioned for about 200 innings of work and the more they throw before April, the worse they may do in September.

I do like the competition, though.  It's just a nifty idea which is poorly executed.  I really think the best time to play it would be in November, when everybody would still be in good competitive condition and would not be at risk of ruining their season based on play in the WBC.  But that idea just makes too much sense and Bud likes the idea of the WBC being a bookend to the World Series.

WBC is fantastic.Now, if we

WBC is fantastic.Now, if we could actually make it during the regular season and drop say 10-15 games during the regular season every few years, start it with the all star game, and end it the WBC championship... and give a week off at the end... it'd kill the ratings... kill em.

although, it might be more feasible to begin them before the regular season...

I prefer the idea of

I prefer the idea of starting in November. Guys on playoff teams can decide for themselves if they want to keep playing, and if your team didn't make the playoffs then call it a postseason for the losers. It makes a lot more sense, to me, from a health standpoint at the very least.

Esp. since it turns a month

Esp. since it turns a month that is otherwise completely devoid of baseball into a month with a huge baseball event. We HAVE baseball in March, and MLB makes money then. There's probably close-to-zero revenue in Nov, though.

Agree, but...

I agree that it sucks for pitchers (hello, Marmol!).

As far as The Dome goes, though, any live game hitting practice he can get in, the better. I would have to imagine this would be better than ST at bats.

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