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Trades to be Mades Preview, Pt. 2


Trades to be Mades

Welcome to the second day of our coverage!  In today's article, I'm going to ... well, do a whole lot of nothin'.  I'm opening it up to you.

Basically, I love trade speculation as much as anybody.  When I was a kid, I used to fill up notebooks with trade ideas to help better the Cubs.  ....sorry, did I just mumble?  What I meant to say is that I was an unmitigated geek.  Actually, I still am.

However, I now realize how ludicrous fan trade suggestions are.  They just don't make sense, like, ever.  I mean, no, the Cubs aren't going to get Derrek Lee to break his no-trade clause, and even if he will, San Diego wouldn't take him, Jason Marquis, and a prospect in a trade for Jake Peavy and Adrian Gonzalez.

(In all seriousness though, there is a report that Peavy would waive his no-trade clause to pitch in Chicago.)

So, rather than make some trade suggestions that will surely get ripped apart, I'd like to welcome you, the Goat Reader, to offer up some suggestions of your own ... which, uh, will surely get ripped apart.  ...ahem.

Or,  you could even just list off some non-free-agented players out there who you think the Cubs should consider pursuing.

Or, you could make some ludicrous trade suggestions.  Either way.

Since you brought it up.....

Why not Soriano, Jason Marquis, one prospect for Jake Peavy by himself? The Cubs agree to pay a portion of the Soriano's salary for the remainder of the deal.

Padres want to cut salary.

They want young players, not our old and expensive trash. And a team that's willing to let Shawn Estes pitch for the league minimum is not very interested in letting Jason Marquis pitch for $10 million.


LOL. Thanks. Soriano isn't trash. I am sure he would do very well in hitter friendly PetCo.

Seriously though

if the Cardinals are in talks to get Peavy and Greene with their middling prospects what can the Cubs to do to match that?

If It Ain't Broke

Now that the Cubs are out and I've been left to primarily watch the arms of Jimmy Rollins and Raffy Furcal at short, I realize it may be a reeeally good idea to upgrade defensively at short.

How about Ryan Theriot for Khalil Greene?

(shudders in fear of imminent ripping apart)

Also, there are a couple of potentially helpful free agents out there that didn't get mentioned (at least I didn't see them?) in the FA post.

1) Bobby Abreu, and...


2) Ken Griffey, Jr.

He likes Chicago, even!

1/2 of an idea

I agree with the unmittigated geek. Actually I just wanted to say "unmittigated Geek". "Hi, I'll have the unmittigated Geek, rare, with potatoes, and the lady will just have a salad......" Sorry, it's just a lot of fun to say.

Trades are tough because the ideal person isn't available. Grady Sizemore would be perfect. But we ain't gettin 'em.

I think I would like to get Johnny Damon to replace Edmonds. Maybe he can play a couple games at first too. He can still hit and run and (rolling eyes and repeating himself for the nine gazillionth time...) his presence at the top of the line-up might finally force Lou to put Soriano lower in the line-up....like second. I know. I know. it's never gonna happen. I also like Damon's presence in the locker room. That whole team puckered up tighter than a dead man's rectum after Loney's slam in game 1 and they never breathed since. In the words of Peter Griffin...."Someone please, throw a pie!!!!" I think he'd help keep things loose. I understand his range sucks and he has no arm, but Edmonds wasn't much better this year. despite his flashy diving catches because he got a late jump..... Anyway, Damon can be had and I bet it only takes a Howry like arm to get him.

And if that doesn't work, we can always trade Marquis, Pie, Hoffpauier for Ichiro.....BAH!!!!!!!!!!!

There's my 1/2 thought.


R U Whacked?

Damon for mercy sake? Another over priced past his prime player?

I appreciate the Tribune finally spending money they should have been spending for years, but the truth of the matter is that if the Cubs can't produce players through their organization, they will always be behind the curve.

Still a big market team like the Cubs have enough talent in place to give it another shot before they backup the U-Haul.

The lineup is sorely in need of more balance. Everyone who just witnessed how Philly undressed that dominant RH pitching staff of the Dodgers should realize the Cubs main weakness.

Fortunately, free agents with their quest for the almighty dollar have no conscience, and a legit lead off man that significantly upgrades the defense at SS is available, Furcal. The Dodgers could resign him but the Cubs certainly could and should make acquiring Furcal a top priority.

Dempster is going to cost us but we could defray that cost by trading Marquis,even if we have to eat some of his salary. Does anyone still think that Marshall is not ready for prime time?

With the three big power bats all being right handed, and that's not even considering Soto, one has to be traded. All three have no trade clauses, but the least productive and most expendable is Double Play Lee. Hoffpauir can't certainly field 1B like Lee, but being a LHB with power and zero cost, is certainly worth the risk. Lee unlike Marquis would also provide some talent in return via a trade.

As mentioned in a previous comment, Bradley has health issues but is a real gamer, which the Cubs sorely need. The injection of LHB's and a legit lead off man in the Cubs lineup IMHO should be the top priority this off season.

also, from espn

"The Padres are seeking at least two young pitchers in return, along with someone who can become the team's everyday center fielder sometime in the immediate to near future."

Would they buy on Felix?

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