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The Top 20 Cubs Prospects - #9 Hak-Ju Lee

#9 Hak-Ju Lee

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Prospect #9 Hak-Ju Lee

It's been a very long time since the Cubs had a "Hak" on their team.  The last one left quite a beer-swilling, woman-screwing, ball-crushing legacy.  Based on his photo, I'm not sure Lee will fill Hack Wilson's shoes, although he is reportedly taller and heavier than his reported 6'0 170 Ibs, and he's still a teenager.

The keyword here is "reportedly," because Lee hasn't really been seen much.  The Cubs found him in Korea, and they apparently believe he would've been a 1st round draft pick in the States.

Although the Cubs signed Lil' Hack - or would it be Big Hak, since he is taller than the Wilson of lore - back in the spring, they sent him to a baseball camp in Australia with the intent of assigning him to either a rookie league or Peoria.

Scouting Report

It's all very, very much guesswork at this point, but he apparently brings the following to the table:

  • Major League defensive skills in the body of a teenager.   He has a great arm at shortstop and good range.
  • Blazing speed.  He was clocked from home to first in 4 seconds last year.
  • That's all I got, but there is hope that as his frame fills, he'll develop into a slugger.

Rating: ???
Odds of reaching the Majors =
It's a mystery
Odds of becoming a successful player at the Major League Level = I SAID IT WAS A MYSTERY, ALREADY!  SHEESH!

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Hak-Ju Lee

Change his name to Hak-Ju "E"

1.15 million signing bonus and he won't run out a ball hit to the infield.

Hit a line drive that struck the right field wall. Was almost thrown out at second base after he went into his premature home run trot.

Leads the league with 18 errors in 57 games. NEEDS LOTS OF WORK to stay at shortstop.

Better with a bat than a glove. Leads the team in hits, runs, walks. Also leads the team in strikeouts.

This team..

has had a bunch of 'hacks' since Wilson.

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