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The Top 20 Cubs Prospects - #6 Ryan Flaherty

#6 Ryan Flaherty

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Prospect #6 Ryan Flaherty

Flaherty was the Cubs top choice in the 2008 draft.  He responded to his first year at Boise by batting .297 in 219 at bats while hitting 8 homeruns, walking 24 times, and managing an OPS of .880.  Not bad.

Defensively, he's not as good, though.  Flaherty played shortstop for the Cubs this year, but it seems likely-if-not-inevitable that he will eventually move on over to another position.

The sad thing about the Cubs minor league system is that Flaherty appears to be the first "can't miss" prospect on the list.  Not in the sense that he's bound to be a superstar, but in the sense that barring some fluke loss of skill, he'll get to the majors and stay there for at least a little while.

Let's look at why ...

Scouting Report

Flaherty is as close to "can't miss" as any Cubs prospect comes because...

  • Plus power.  He should be capable of hitting 20+ homers a year someday.
  • Slightly above average speed.  10-15 steals might be reasonable for Flaherty.
  • Good contact.  It shouldn't be out of reach for Flaherty to hit the ball effectively at the major league level.
  • Plus patience.  This might be the first Cubs top selection to draw walks in our lifetimes.  And realizing that, we must now weep a mixture of sorrowful and joyful tears.


Mark 2011 on your calendars.  That will be the first time we see Flaherty play in a Cubs uniform, if only for 10-30 games.  Then, in 2012, the Flahertyolution will begin.  Hey, who knows, maybe we'll try to lock him up for an interview this year on GROTA, if only to bestow him with ridiculous amounts of non-gay man-love.

Rating: A-
Odds of reaching the Majors =
You making it to work/class/whatever on time the next time you go
Odds of becoming a successful player at the Major League Level = New J.D. Salinger material is someday published

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Andrew Cashner was the #1

Andrew Cashner was drafted in first round for us Kurt, Flaherty was our supplemental.

It was supplemental, but it's

It was supplemental, but it's still considered "1st round" -- albeit 41st pick.

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