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The Top 20 Cubs Prospects - #19 Nelson Perez


#19 Nelson Perez

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Prospect #19 - Nelson Perez

Nelson Perez is another Dominican find by Cubs scout Jose Serra*.  And like many, many, many Cubs prospects of yore - Ryan Harvey, Brian Dopirak, Corey Patterson, etc. etc. - Perez has booming, ungodly power and the plate discipline of Jabba the Hutt.  (In the Hutt's case, I'd be talking about dinner plate, in case the joke was a little too obscure for you.  That guy gorges like a prom queen after a breakup.)

In his second year in the Cubs organization, Perez batted .305 in 154 at bats at the Arizona Fall League, but he walked 8 times.  In fact, in 309 minor league at bats, Perez has walked 14 times total while slugging 13 homeruns.  In other words, this guy has bust written all over him.

(*See, it's factual information like that which implies that I somehow know what I'm talking about.  But do I?  Do I really?  Mwa-hahahahahaha...no.)

Scouting Report

I've already hit on the important stuff, but I'll bullet-point it for you.

  • Power of Ye Gods - in 155 at bats in '07, he hit 4 homers as a 19-year-old, in 154 at bats in '08, he more than doubled his output
  • Plus defense in the outfield; extremely moderate experience at first base
  • Has the patience of Dunston
  • Will be 21 next season


It would be nice to see Perez develop into, I dunno, a Dawson-type hitter who draws just enough walks to get by while dominating all other aspects of the game with his superior mental fortitude and athleticism.  In reality, like all-too-many hitting prospects in the Hendry era, Perez is bound to peter out by the time he gets to Double A.  But, then again, he's young enough to figure things out and turn into a viable prospect.

Rating: C
Odds of reaching the Majors
= Hillary becoming President of the United States someday
Odds of becoming a successful player at the Major League Level = Axl and Slash reuniting and reforming the Guns N' Roses of yore

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My boy Nelson

He's actually my Dominican love child.
I was very productive during the winter leagues.

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