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The Top 20 Cubs Prospects - #13 Jovan Rosa


#13 Jovan Rosa

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Prospect #13 Jovan Rosa

I have a lot of faith in Rosa.  Selected in the 22nd round of the 2006 draft, Rosa will be 21 next season and should start the year in Daytona and might wind up in Tennessee.  In his first full year in the Cubs system, the guy who plays defensively plus baseball at third and minus baseball at first batted .293 with 7 HR, 81 RBI, 40 walks, and 127 strikeouts in 128 games and 481 at bats.

In other words, he's got the ability to draw more walks than your usual Cubs prospect, although he strikes out too much, and although he only stole 3 bases in 5 tries, his 43 doubles and 4 triples hint at more speed than what we've seen.

Scouting Report

At this point, Rosa looks like he has the following:

  • Moderate power, with room to grow.  At 6'2 and 180 pounds, the righty infielder might fill out a little more and add some strength to his swing.
  • Moderate patience, with room to improve.  For a Cubs hitter, a .353 OBP is never something to sneer at on any level.
  • Decent defense with the ability to play either corner position.


Rosa put up good numbers at the Midwest League for his age.  Because of his age, there remains an "if" factor, and he will either be in the Top 10 next year or he may drop off the radar entirely.

Chances are, the Cubs will move Rosa to first base at some point on a full-time basis, where he might be groomed to be the heir apparent to Derrek Lee.  At this point, it's a long-shot that he fulfills his potential, but how he hits at AA and beyond will tell us a lot and we may see that as early as this July.

Grade: B
Odds of reaching the Majors = I actually read Obama's autobiography someday.
Odds of becoming a successful player at the Major League Level = I also actually read McCain's.

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