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The Top 20 Cubs Prospects - #12 Daniel McDaniel

#12 Daniel McDaniel

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Prospect #12 Daniel McDaniel

Man.  You hear about them from time to time, and you always hope that if you meet one you can resist snickering, but Daniel McDaniel may be the first person in real life I've ever heard of whose first name is pretty much the same as his last.  Consequently, McDaniel has got to be one tough SOB, because he was probably bullied over it and he's also apparently Extremely Irish.

He's also at this point a closer, and we all know that guys who close in the minor leagues never, ever get to pitch in the Majors, right?  After all, only starters get real prospect consideration.  And yet, Daniel (snicker) McDaniel is on an awful lot of Top Prospect lists right now.

Here's why: after being selected in this year's draft as the team's 14th round pick, Snickers McDaniel, a wee lad of 20, pitched in the Arizona League and Boise.  In that time, he threw 34.2 innings, while allowing only 14 hits, 18 walks, 1 homer, and he struck out 48.  His rookie WHIP: 1.02.  His career ERA: 1.58.  Steak.  Sauce.

Scouting Report

Eh, so what.  A lot of guys beat up on low minor-league hitting.  Well, here's why McDaniel is successful:

  • Has a plus curve and a good changeup
  • Fastball in the mid 90's
  • Command an issue early into his career
  • No clear indication as to whether or not the Cubs will try starting him next year, or attempt to develop him as one of those rare, successful minor league relievers


Daniel McDaniel should continue his way up the ladder.  Hopefully he will get to start in Peoria next year.  Regardless, his early promise bodes well, as does his ability to induce lots of ground balls and strikeouts.

Rating: B
Odds of reaching the Majors =
Sirius-XM Radio stock someday worth more than $1 again
Odds of becoming a successful player at the Major League Level = Through illusion and trickery, Criss Angel someday performs a stunt in which the American budget appears balanced, while in fact the vaults are empty.  In other words, sure, maybe he`d do that, but who the hell knows at this point?

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