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Blogger's first superstition post, 2009 edition

In the GROTA ShoutBox, it was mentioned that Sports Illustrated is predicting for probably the third time this decade that the Cubs will reach the World Series in aught nine.  Some Cub fans have chosen to respond in an extremely reasonable manner to this story -- ie by panicking, swearing loudly, and proclaiming doom because somebody is trying to jinx the team we follow.

Those who responded with panic to the SI article probably won't like what is to come with GROTA in 2009, because for the most part we are confident that the Cubs are the team to beat.  See the following as evidence of our stance on the issue:

This is the Year 1

This is the Year Revolution
This is the Year 3
This is the Year 4
Yes they Can Thumb

In other words, we are not superstitious.  Maybe the Cubs will reach the World Series in 2009, maybe they'll win 81 games while battling a ridiculous assortment of injuries, but whatever happens has nothing to do with us.  Nothing.  Neither you, nor I, nor SI will jinx the Cubs by predicting post season glory.  We need to relax and recognize that we are bystanders in all of this.  But if you get sweaty palms any time a jabrone like me says the Cubs are the team to beat, then this probably is not the blog for you.  We'll be saying it a lot this year.

Ironically, this post was

Ironically, this post was linked to a non-Cubs-related message board under the guise of "check out this nonsense" -- apparently by a CUBS fan! I have to wonder how fragile Cub fans are if they can't allow themselves - or even others - to get excited about a team that should beat the hell out of the division they're in.

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