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2008 Season Recap: Henry Blanco

Henry Blanco

In 2008, Henry Blanco's season went a long way towards restoring the pride of the Hank White Fanclub.  Last year was rough for the boys over at Desipio, as Blanco was only able to manage a .167 batting average during an injury shortened season.  This past season, however, Blanco rebounded to post an impressive .292 batting average and showed solid second half power.  Woo hoo Hank White.

Not a very indepth statistical analysis, you say?  Missing the numbers?  Well, here they are.  Take a look and come back.  Go ahead, I'll be here.

You see, I'm not particularily interested in Blanco's numbers.  As long as he's not killing the Cubs with his bat, he's alright in my book.  I say this because Blanco is about more than just the numbers.  He's a teammate. He's the guy Al Yellon was looking for when he somehow landed on Kevin Millar.  How do I know this?  Well, technically I don't, but would you disagree with any of these statements:

  • Blanco has been diligent in taking Soto under his metaphorical wing, helping him adjust to the majors.  Although Blanco eschews the Soto guyliner for a Hell's Angel tatoo, they seem to go together like wine and drinking alone at night.
  • Henry Blanco seems like the kind of guy who would share half his Pizzone with a hungry teammate.
  • Blanco gives excellent interviews.  He's great with the press.

So, with all these factors, we see that Blanco is much more than a hitter or a fielder: he's a teammate. I haven't worked through Kurt's formula, but it just feels right.

I could really go for a Pizzone from about now.

The only problem with my

The only problem with my formula is that it probably requires a teammate "in the know" to accurately compile it. Although if there are points for "can intimidate your insane ace pitcher into behaving himself on the mound," then Blanco scores high.

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