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Game Recap: Diamondbacks 5, Cubs 2 - You Thought We Forgot Edition

Aha!  Just when you thought we'd shirked our duties in the last game of the season, here finally is the belated Game Recap.  Just look the other way and forget that Yarbage missed the GameCast.

So.  Ryan Dempster became the only Cub to pitch 200 innings in his final outing of the season -- he didn't toss all 200 in one go, though, but lasted 5 innings -- while striking out 10.  Dempster finishes the first of four seasons with 11 wins, 9 losses, and a 3.65 ERA.  For comparison's sake, the five pitchers above Dempster in ERA and four of the five pitchers below him all have more wins, which is my way of saying that on a team with a more reliable offense, he wins 15 all day long.  I still think that by the time year four rolls around, Dempster's going to have Cub fans contemplating suicide, but that's a ways away.

But Ryan didn't have his best stuff -- despite 10 strikeouts -- and so the Cubs lost to Arizona, dropping to 83 wins to finish the season. 

Way back in March, I was convinced that they'd win about 17 more than they did.  I didn't know that Chicago's offense would be non-existent, that their pitching would be erratic and often-injured, and that their manager would be clueless to fix the problems.  I thought that they would walk an easy path into the playoffs, where they would be unbeatable. 

I thought a lot of things.  In case you haven't noticed yet, I'm actually kind of stupid.

Anyway, I'm over this "wait 'til next year" crap.  It grates me to see it, to hear it, to think it.  So instead, I'll say this: if you have daddy issues, resulting in a chip on your shoulder the size of Omaha, and if you are inclined to get confrontational with coaches, umpires, and fans, then you probably shouldn't play in Chicago.  Just a heads up for the future.

Oh, and White Sox suck.

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