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Game Recap: Cubs 5, Diamondbacks 0 -- Randy Wells rides again

Maybe knowing that he was down to the last hundred yards of the marathon, Randy Wells decided it was okay to give it all he had left.  Whatever the reason, Wells pitched 7 solid innings of 3-hit, 1-walk, 10-strikeout baseball to punctuate the end of his season.  Very fittingly, Jason Stark wrote an article today in which he presumptively awarded the NL Rookie of the Year trophy to Chris Coghlan.  Runners up included J.A. Happ, Tommy Hanson, Garrett Jones, Andrew McCutchen, and Casey McGehee.  Wells didn't even receive an honorary mention.

For the record, his worn-down showing in September definitely would have played against him anyway, but no matter what the outcome I doubt Wells will get serious contention from the voters.  But he finishes the season with a 12-10 record, a 3.05 ERA, and with 46 walks to 104 strikeouts.  His only pitching rival, J.A. Happ, who I promise you will blow Wells away in the voting, is 12-4, with a 2.85 ERA, and with 55 walks to 118 strikeouts.  Then again, Happ's younger.

Anyway, on top of Wells and his last gasping breath of a pitching performance, the Cubs managed 8 hits and 5 walks -- which they parlayed into 5 runs.  Geo Soto is desperately trying to get his AVG over .220 -- he went 2 for 2 with 2 walks and 2 RBI (if only he'd raised his average to .222 today).  I think it's safe to say, on this late date, that Soto proved without a doubt to be the lost cause Rob said he was way back in May ... but next season is a new story.

Speaking of next season, it can't get here soon enough.  But tomorrow is the last of this year.  We'll have the preview and recap and, mercifully, it'll be over.

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