Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Game Recaps - Pirates 4, Cubs 0; Pirates 8, Cubs 2 -- Double Sweeper

Ouch.  I guess the Cubs decided that they were successful in achieving their winning season, and so they decided to take the day off.  Either that or Pittsburgh really, really doesn't want to lose 100 games this year.

Either way, the Cubs got their asses kicked by a combined score of 12-2, with the Cubs' only runs coming in Game 2 thanks to the bats of Ryan Theriot and Mike "Death Rattle" Fontenot.  Cubs pitchers Ted Lilly and Carlos Zambrano were both shellacked for 4 earned runs, and the Moose is now facing his first ever single-digit wins total since he became a starter way back in the days when most of our male readers -- or female, for that matter -- were not yet able to grow a beard. 

Offensively, no Cub hitter managed to get hits in both games, while Pirates outfielder Lastings Milledge went 4 for 8 between both games.  The Cubs play one more against Pittsburgh, tomorrow, before wrapping it up against the Diamondbacks this weekend. 

So, back to Carlos.  I'm sure that the Big Moose is less than pleased with his performance this year -- in fact, he threatened retirement recently (for the second time this season) if he should happen to have as crappy a 2010.  I appreciate this competitive fire in him.  If Carlos is an ace -- and I will acknowledge after this crappy year that he's a poor man's ace at best -- then more important than his comradery, more important than his maturity, and even more important than the health of his arm is his desire to win and his ability to amalgamate that desire with his God-given talent. 

This desire -- something we've seen this year reflected in his frustration -- will hopefully lead him to condition himself better and to work harder at preparation before each start.  And, hopefully, to also remember his game-plan and mechanics even in the face of shitty defense and below-average offensive support.

I could be wrong about all that.  I fully admit it's less a theory and more a hope, but Zambrano's "I'll retire" rhetoric sure as shit beats Manny's "who cares if we win the World Series, there's always next year" line from a few years ago.

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