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GameCast: Sept. 29th vs. Pirates

GameCastKevin Hart (4-8, 5.38 ERA) vs. Ryan Dempster (10-8, 3.68)

The Cubs are down to their last seven games and if they wanted to finish things on a high note, then they couldn't have thought of an easier schedule to end the season -- they've got four against the 59-96 Pirates, and then 3 more against the 68-88 D-Backs.  Not that things have gotten any less weird in Crazyville.

On the pitching staff, Kevin Gregg has been mercifully shut down.  Like a scene from Holy Grail, Gregg tried his hardest to assure the Cubs that he wasn't quite hurt, that he felt like going for a toss now, but they overruled him nonetheless and have sent him home for the season -- and, hopefully, for his career in Chicago.  At the same time, Carlos Zambrano has threatened retirement because of his crappy season.  Think about it.  He might finish the year with 10 wins and a mid-3.00's ERA, or essentially the same numbers as Ryan Dempster and Randy Wells, and he considers it such a disappointment that he doesn't want to live through another ordeal of sucking that badly.

Damn.  Maybe he's got the ol' Ace Mentality after all.

Speaking of mentality, or at least of mental, we've been shocked to see Lou Piniella drop heavy hints that Milton Bradley's future in Chicago is a very short one.  Lou wants the Cubs to go out and pursue an RBI producer, citing his disappointment in Bradley for failing to live up to the team's expectations.  And before somebody throws out the whole "you can't drive 'em in if they aren't on base" line again, let's not forget that Milton Bradley batted something like .220 with runners on base. 

And finally, I've come up with the perfect solution for dumping Milton.  It seems certain that the Cubs'll have to pretty much pay for his contract no matter what.  I would like to officially propose that the team offer him on their dime to any independently-owned minor league team that would take him.  It would be the modern day equivalent of ruining a player's career by trading for and then benching him, and it would be only fitting for Bradley to get banished to baseball purgatory for his so-called mental disease.

Of course, this would only be a last-ditch option, if there are no big-league takers.  Still, I think it would be somehow fitting.

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