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GameCast: September 26th at San Francisco

GameCastTom Gorzelanny (6-2, 5.08 ERA) vs. Barry Zito (10-12, 3.99 ERA)

15 wins, 9 losses.  That's the Cubs record so far in September.  Of course, we all know it came too little, too late, hot on the heels of a morbid 11-17 August. 

Maybe it's because there's no pressure anymore.  Maybe it's because this is how the Cubs should've been playing all along.  Or maybe that's just it -- without the pressure, the Cubs are playing up to their talent level.  Whatever it is, Chicago is two wins away from finishing at .500 for the third straight year, and it looks as if they will have completely squashed the Giants' playoff hopes along the way.

Hey, we'll take it. 

Last night we saw a reminder about why we love Big Z.  He outpitched his opponents, he outhit them, and between innings he very well may have saved a small child from a burning building somewhere.  It was just one of those nights for Carlos, one of those tantalizing, why-can't-he-do-this-all-the-time nights. 

We've argued it back and forth here, but I'm pretty sure GROTA is unified in wanting Zambrano to return next season.  Even Rob never said he wanted the Moose gone, he just felt -- understandably -- that Zambrano's not the Roy Halladay of the Cubs.  Because he's not.  If he ever writes a follow-up to his smashingly successful auto-biography, he can probably title it Too Volatile to Win 20, the Carlos Zambrano Story.  But on a solid team with 5 pitchers who will more often than not win their games, we can probably live with the knowledge that Carlos will have his seasonal ups and downs but will always, always buckle down and be there to win games in October.  Lest we forget that he's served the role of "ace" on more playoff Cub teams than any other Cub living or even recently dead.

Back to the game at hand, Barry Zito used to be an ace and Tom Gorzelanny wants to pitch us his belief that he can start next year.  We get to find out how likely his chances might be in just 30 minutes or so.  Go Cubs.

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