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GameCast: September 25th at San Francisco

GameCastCarlos Zambrano (8-6, 3.91 ERA) vs. Tim Lincecum (14-6, 2.47 ERA)

Ah, Carlos Zambrano.  What a shiz-with-a-"z" season you've had.  For the second consecutive year, you've thrown under 200 innings -- this year you'll probably top out at around 170.  You also, for the second straight year, went winless in August.  Not to mention the fact that you have walked more guys this year already than you did in all of last season, despite having tossed 32 fewer innings so far.

In other words, folks, this is not a shining season for Zambrano.  And rather than ponder whether or not he will demand a trade, perhaps we should instead be worrying about his inevitable arm injury and whether or not he'll ever have even a single season that justifies his massive contract.  My thoughts are that he will, because Carlos Zambrano is just that tough.

But, you know, I could be wrong about that.  Still, I do know one thing: the Giants are a tough team, and they are turning to one of their best pitchers tonight.  If Carlos wants to avoid any chance of finishing the year with an embarrassing 8-8 record -- a possibility -- then he'll need to hunker down and out-duel an ace tonight.

He actually didn't go winless

He actually didn't go winless in August last year. But August has been a bad month for him the past 3 years now.

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