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Game Recap: Cubs 3, Giants 0 -- Who was that guy pitching for the Cubs?

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Does anyone know where to look for the stat that records “Most Baseball Games Won Singlehandedly?”

I’ve got to imagine Carlos Zambrano is at the top of that leader board.

He was at it again last night, knocking in two runs and giving up only one over the course of a complete game two-hitter. ‘Los walked one, and struck out eight.

That’s kind of been the story of Z’s career, in that: WE KNOW HE CAN DO THIS! The no-hitter, last night’s game, his performances in the postseason (do NOT pin the ’08 game on him, after he got five freakin’ outs in the inning) are all evidence that he’s got ace talent.

But we also know he lacks ace composure.

You might say Z is at his best when the game matters least. I for one would argue that maybe he’s not good in somewhat meaningful games, but in the Huge Games with Major Implications (read: postseason) he’s money.

So where does that put us on the whole “Trade Z” debate? For me, he’s a top pitching talent, with one of the best bats at his position in the league (…), and that’s someone you want to keep on your team. Maybe as he
ages he’ll get less crazy? Or maybe not.

Oh yeah, and the offense still sucks.

Go Cubs!

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