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GameCast: September 23rd at Milwaukee: Sweep Edition

GamecastJeff Samardzija (1-2, 7.89 ERA) vs. Chris Narveson (1-0, 4.22 ERA)

Maybe there's something to this concept that a team plays better when it need not keep a watchful eye on the piece of shit right fielder whose negative attitude festered in the clubhouse all year long.  (I'm speaking rhetorically, of course.) 

Or, maybe the Cubs have taken a page out of Milton Bradley's book and now that they have nothing to win, they're playing like the loose team they haven't been all season long.  Or maybe the Brewers just suck that badly.  Regardless of why, the Cubs are on the verge of a rare road series sweep, although Lou has decided to play roulette by handing the ball over to Jeff Samardzija. 

Speaking of everybody's favorite mentally ill professional athlete, Milton Bradley's mother has been speaking to the media lately.  This is perfectly normal behavior for a man over the age of 30. 

She wants you to know that Milton's son, who is apparently the only 3-year-old in all of Chicago to be enrolled in school, has been the victim of racial taunts and slurs from his classmates and teachers this past summer.  Apparently, in this society in which teachers live on egg shells -- especially when it comes to their behavior with their students -- Milton's kid has been getting called all sorts of inappropriate names. 

One guy I know thinks we should go easy on Bradley because he is clearly mentally ill.  It's an interesting point, but there's a huge depth of difference between a fan like me calling him a nutjob and him being clinically diagnosed as having anything more than the world's biggest chip on his shoulder.  Still, if Milton would consider getting help, I would fully support it and welcome him back to his second chance in Chicago.  (Which his mother says he's open for, if the Cubs want him.) 

But back in the land of reality, where it is not acceptable for your mother to speak on your behalf if you are a grown adult, I'm very curious to see where Milton winds up -- because he's going to be headed somewhere.  Maybe Cincinnati, since Dusty always wanted a crack at managing him, or more likely a city where they don't care how you play like D.C.  Either way, Milton's done.

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