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Game Recap: Cubs 10, Brewers 2

This is the reason why the Brewers are a middling, .500 team-at-best -- their pitching sucks.  The same Cubs offense that struggled to scratch together more than 3 runs against the playoff-bound Cardinals went off on the Brewers like Milton Bradley at a press conference, scoring 7 runs in the first 2 innings.

Probably the best story of the night -- at least for this Derrek Lee mark -- was the continued production of M.V.Lee.  Think about it like this -- four years ago, Lee had a season for the ages, batting .335, hitting 50 doubles and 46 homeruns, and he still only managed to drive in 107 RBI.  So far in '09, in about 75 fewer at bats, Lee has had about 40 fewer hits, 17 fewer doubles, 12 fewer homeruns, is batting about 30 points less, and he's still managed to hit the 107 RBI mark.  Somebody find Dusty Baker and ask him: how the hell does that happen? 

The Cubs easily outpaced the Brewers tonight, with strong offensive nights from Lee, Aramis Ramirez (who followed a Lee homerun in the second with a homerun of his own), and Jeff Baker, who went 2 for 5. 

On top of the hits, Tom Gorzelanny continued to make an argument for his inclusion into the rotation next season by way of surrendering 6 hits in 5 innings, walking 1, and striking out 9 while allowing only 2 earned runs.  He was relieved by Aaron Heilman who managed to allow 5 runners on base in 2 innings of relief without surrendering a single run.  Go figure.

All told it was just another pointless-but-fun night of baseball.  Props to Lee for his bat mastery, and to the Cubs for winning in the face of ass-hattery. 

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