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GameCast: Sept 18 at St. Louis - I think Yarbage is tired of GameCasts edition

(and also apparently Kyle ... we'll have the Series Preview late tomorrow, sorry)

GameCastTed Lilly vs. John Smoltz

Let this be a lesson to you all.  It is difficult to blog about something that is often less-than-fun to think about.  Maybe that's why abortion blogs are so far and few between.  Thus, without warning, it appears as if both Kyle and Chris have gone MIA for their various respected reasons, and so I will be stepping in to quickly throw together something to keep you entertained.

About a month ago, the Boston Red Sox released John Smoltz.  The Cubs were at the time desperate for a competent closer.  I threw together a post suggesting an idea "so crazy it just might work," ... the Cubs could sign Smoltz to a contract to close.

It went over about as well as vegan pancakes. 

Since he signed with the Cardinals, though, St. Louis has quickly propelled their way into a playoff spot.  Smoltz has gone 1-1 with a 3.27 ERA and 28 strikeouts and 1 walk in 4 starts.  But let's look back on the immediate response:

lostinthevines says
since the whole "the
players we have need to play better" thing isn't happening - why not
add a new piece? Our payroll sucks as it is - why not completely
explode it?

I'm wondering if lostinthevines is aware of what St. Louis is paying Smoltz to start. 

Then again, what's been wrong with the Cubs couldn't have been solved just by Smoltz, and I doubt that his presence would have made much of a difference -- if at all.  Still, could it have hurt? 

Anyway.  As I write this, the cubs are beating Smoltz and the Cardinals by a score of 2-0 in the 3rd thanks to a Derrek and Aramis double-fest and a Ted Lilly no-hit bid. 

Tomorrow, I will have more on this heated rivalry -- particularly my feelings about the cheating nature of Albert Pujols.  I'm sure Token Cards Fan has been wondering about how we'd handle this series ... I have to admit I've been gathering the photoshops in anticipation.  They will be re-posted soon.

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