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Game Recap: Cubs 13, Brewers 7

Game Recap
I have to admit I'm getting more than a little tired of the Chicago media and their stir tactics.  Honest to God, if they hadn't written their "will Milton Bradley be a douche in 2009" series back in March, chances are decent that he wouldn't have been.  And now Carlos is under the scope, fueling the fire that Rob has already lit here on GROTA.

With apologies to Rob -- but none to the Tribune writers -- Carlos is not a problem and does not need to be traded.  But don't take my word for it -- Bruce Miles wrote this epic that very effectively points out why we're a bunch of douche-bags for criticizing Zambrano but giving passes to the other dopes who act like he does.

As for the game last night, the Cubs had the most unusual bout of offensive supremacy I've seen all year.  They scored 13 runs, and 6 came from Things Other than Hits -- a sac fly by Carlos in the 4th, a bases loaded Hit by Pitch in the 6th, a fielding error in the 6th, a bases loaded walk in the 7th, a bases loaded Hit by Pitch in the 7th, and then a bases loaded walk in the 8th.  Weird.

In total, the Cubs had double digits in hits -- 11 -- but, more impressively, they actually had more walks, with 12 for the day.  Every Cub got on base at least once, yes Madisoncubaholic, even Milton Bradley, and 8 total Cubs had RBI. 

In the meantime, Carlos had a pretty good game, but an incredibly ugly 5th inning.  He let the Brewers do all their damage on 2 outs, but he would have left with having allowed 3 earned runs -- and in line for the win -- had Ryan Theriot not botched a play that would've ended the inning. 

So, because Carlos had a bad inning, does that add fuel to the Trade Zambrano fire?  I say no.  I understand Rob's frustration about the situation, even as I question his concept of what an ace pitcher does -- and with Clemens at the top of the list, I could rattle off a long list of "aces" who do not, nor did they ever, fit his description.  I understand that we all hoped, nay, expected greater things from the Big Moose in 2009, and after an on-and-off year in '08 we've now forgotten how well he pitched from '03-'07, as if he'll never be a 15 game winner again.

Anyway, with the Cubs win last night they now find themselves 5.5 games behind the Rockies in the Wild Card, and 4 games out in the loss column.  Just thought I'd point that out, too.

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