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Game Recap: Cubs 2, Brewers 0 -- Dempster wins again

The unluckiest pitcher on the Cubs won his 10th game this season, making him a too-little, too-late lucky bastard after all.  Ryan Dempster has been beaten up pretty badly at various points this year -- surely not many of us expected Clownsevelt to be a double-digit, sub-4.00 ERA pitcher by the time September rolled around.  And yet that's exactly where he's at after carrying a no-hitter into the 5th inning.  Dempster went 8 innings, allowed 4 hits, walked 1, and got his ERA down to 3.84 in one swift win.

Offensively, though, it was a nail-biter.  With a ridiculously crappy bullpen, I doubt many Cub fans felt safe with the 1-run lead the Cubs had until the 8th (thank you Derrek Lee for your 33rd homerun of the year hit in the 4th), and the Fukudome sacrifice fly didn't do much to create a safety buffer.  And yet when Carlos Marmol pitched in the 9th, he managed to walk "only" 1 on the way toward his 13th save of the year.

At this moment, the Giants are beating the Rockies 3-0 in the 3rd, which is good except even the Giants have fewer losses than the Cubs this year.  Still, it'd be better for our non-existent hopes for the Rockies and Giants to beat each other up a bit. 

Scratch that ... it'd be best for the Rockies to lose every game for the rest of the year.

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