Goatriders of the Apocalypse

GameCast: September 12th vs. Reds

GameCast"Broke-Arm" Johnny Cueto (9-10, 4.39 ERA) vs. Randy Wells (10-8, 2.84 ERA)

The Chicago Cubs surge toward the improbable today as they play for their 5th straight win!  The odds are in their favor as they square off against talented Reds youngster Johnny Cueto, who secretly prays to the Baby Jesus every night for Dusty Baker to drown in a vat of goat cheese.  His opponent is unheralded Rookie of the Year competitor Randy Wells, who may or may not get a single first place vote depending on how badly the media sucks J.A. Happ's dick this October.

I know, we've been stirring the pot a little with my recent "they could" post, followed by Rob's "Kurt's crazy" article, intermixed with comments by the Token Cards Fan who has so-awesomely represented his creed thus far on GROTA.  The TCF thinks it's admirable to have the never-say-die attitude, while Rob has already purchased for "never-say-die" a neighboring plot for in the cemetery next to the '09 Cubs season.  

Me, I'm a realist.  The Cubs aren't playoff bound.  But I'm also one of the least-negative people you'll ever encounter, and even while I know the Cubs won't be over-taking the Rockies for the Wild Card, it's entertaining to imagine what they'd need to do for that to happen.  So, to address directly the back-and-forth, I wasn't being sarcastic when I posted the numbers the Cubs would need to achieve to win 90.  But I'm not exactly booking a trip to Chicago for early October either.

Who's Hot
Jeff Baker says "Mark DeRosa who?"  He's batting .478 this past week.

Derrek Lee, who's batting .421 with 4 homers and 6 RBI is a raging ball of fire out there.

Geovany Soto is batting .400 too, albeit in only 10 at bats.

Who's Not
Kosuke Fukudome - .185 in his last 27 at bats. 

Aramis Ramirez - .160 in his last 25.

Koyie Hill - .188 in his last 16.


I don't hate the Reds, but I wouldn't exactly offer Dusty a bed to sleep on if he ever got thrown out of his house.  More to the point, I'd probably get him drunk, take him into the woods, spin him in circles, and run away laughing maniacally while he hopelessly wailed in despair.  But it'd probably be easier to just maniacally cheer the Cubs on to victory tomorrow, so that's what I will do instead.

never said you were crazy

I saw what you were doing there...I am just always discouraged at our fellow fans who insist that we are better than we are.

I just want us to expect more

J.A. Happ

if the national media wants pointers on how to suck Happ's dick, there are plenty of girls in my local area who can given them some

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