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Gamecast: September 11th vs. Reds

GameCastJustin  Lehr (4-1, 4.43 ERA) vs. Rich Harden (9-8, 4.10 ERA)

Story Lines
While the Cubs may be furstrating at times, it is good to reflect on how great the game of baseball truly is. It amazes me that eight years have passed since September 11th, but here we are and the game we love is still talking up our time even when things are not great. Regardless of how you feel about the current political atmosphere, take a step back enjoy the fact we have something so pure and great to focus on year after year.

I feel sorry for nations that do not get this level of enjoyment or pain for that matter. I know many people have pain in their lives, but this is a different kind of pain that is healed sometimes yearly. During the last eight years, the Cubs have made the playoffs three times, won two division titles, and broke our hearts eight times. Who doesn't love that? The funny thing is that we will back ready for more starting this offseason. By the times pitchers and catchers report, all will be forgiven for this season and our hopes renewed.

Enjoy the rest of the day, and watch a game this weekend if you get a chance. Life is too short to blame Jim Hendry for everything, and we need to embrace these times, because we will not be on this earth forever. We might as well watch more baseball while we still can.

Who's Hot
Jeff Baker - Now playing second base for your 2010 Chicago Cubs, "Jeff Baker." Baker has a 1.073 OPS in his last seven games and barring a big change will be the starter at 2B next season.

Geovany Soto - He's 4 for 10 in his last three games, with three of those hits coming for doubles. We'll take what we can get at this point.

Derrek Lee - He has four home runs in the last week, but only 6 RBI. How does that work? Oh right, people need to get on base in front of him to drive them in.

Who's Not
Aramis Ramriez/Kosuke Fukudome - Both of these guys have OPS's under .600 in their last six games.

Rob and Kurt both commented on the Cubs chances for the playoffs. Well, I say we pull a Major League and take the whole "win he whole F'ing thing" approach. I know it is a long shot, but it is better than no shot.

Once more, from "the thing that wouldn't shut up"

In case I've missed the sarcasm yet again: Dude! Come on! You've got to give a guy more clues than that!

Assuming yarbage really means it: Yes! Exactly! It's BASEBALL, not real life! The consequences of being wrong hurt only your heart, and it heals by the next spring! (And Cubs fans' hearts must be mostly scar-tissue anyway.) And optimists live longer!

Hey, I wasn't being sarcastic

Hey, I wasn't being sarcastic about optimistically forecasting what the Cubs would need to do to be playoff bound ... it's more that I wouldn't take myself seriously when I write about blindly optimistic stuff.

But the Bradley thing ... THAT was total sarcasm. (And anyway, Rob is def. the gloomiest and doomiest of us all ... it comes with the territory as he is, age-wise, the Senior Goat Rider.)

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