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Game & Series Recap: Mets 4, Cubs 2 (1 game to 2)

Game Recap
Randy Wells didn't have his best stuff ever today, as he surrendered 7 hits in 6 innings and 95 pitches, but he was effective enough that he should have gotten the job done.  Instead, the Mets appeared to rub the belly of the Cubs offense, which promptly rolled over and continued its slumber. 

Of course, Kevin Gregg did his best to continue the ruination of his season -- nay, his career -- by getting slapped around in the 7th, putting it out of reach.  More than the departure of DeRosa, or the acquisition of Crazy Milton Bradley, Gregg's trade from Florida to Chicago has to be Jim Hendry's biggest blunder of this past off season.  I regret ever having defended that ball-tossing turd.

The one good thing from today's game: Geovany Soto, his season long since wasted (much like he himself is in the off season), collected two hits, both doubles, and was responsible for driving in both Cub runs.

So, the Cubs are out of New York, off to play the Pirates, and we can only wish them the best of luck.  Not that it'll help -- this team needs more than luck to win baseball games.

Current Record: 68-67
Position in the NL Central:
2nd place, 11.5 games out
Best Possible Record: 95-67
Worst Possible Record: 68-94
Record needed to win 90: 22-5
On Pace For: 82-80

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