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Really Belated Series Preview -- Cubs vs. Mets

Editor's Note: This was actually written up back on Thursday night.  Two days of internet troubles later, and no publishing was to be had.  I suck.  Rather than preview the two games that have already occurred, just consider it an advanced GameCast for tomorrow's game...

It's hard to like a Cubs team that's this bad.  Then again, it's easy to root for any team that plays the Mets.

As the Cubs storm toward their September exit, a few issues are beginning to come into play.  First -- the manager.  Jim Hendry says that there are no lead candidates.

Second -- the roster.  With Kosuke Fukudome's shocking, good production, will he become trade bait or will Jim Hendry hold onto him with high hopes for a surprising 2011?  Same thing with Carlos Zambrano.  His suspension and Anger Management classes seem to be having a profoundly positive impact on him.  Yay?

Third -- what, there's supposed to be a third?  Because there's not.

Anyway, on with the preview -- and then some commentary about the Looming Issues.

Sunday, September 5th - Ryan Dempster (12-9, 3.71 ERA) vs. Jon Niese (8-7, 3.70 ERA)

Despite the fact that Dempster raised his ERA by .29 points in his last start (7 earned in 3 IP = suckage), his ERA for August was 2.89, and he won 4 out of 5 decisions.  Does -- dare I say it -- Dempster have a shot at winning 15, in this, the season of bitter remorse?

His opponent is 23, is pitching like 2009 Randy Wells, and went 1-3 with a 4.43 ERA in August.  Go get 'im, Cubz.


In the last Series Preview I wrote (I think), I bid farewell to Lou Piniella.  Sometime before that, I wrote an article about how Ryne Sandberg should be, under no circumstance the next Cubs manager.  I was extremely definitive.

Well, I've changed my mind.  Hear me out.

The Cubs, well, the Cubs suck.  They're probably going to suck next year, too.  Despite sucking, Jim Hendry is expected to return.  Do you trust Jim Hendry to rebuild these Cubs?

Me neither.

Therefore, any move Hendry makes is moot.  I don't trust him to shore up the bullpen, to improve the offense, or even to hire the best manager for the job.  So why should he try?

Instead, since it's a lost cause anyway, I believe Hendry should give the job to Sandberg.  Cub fans will be happy, Sandberg will be happy, and in 2012 -- when both Hendry and Sandberg get axed -- we can finally move on to a new regime with half a chance.

So why not?  Hire Ryne Sandberg, I say.  It can't possibly hurt!

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