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GameCast: September 4th at New York Mets

Note: this was written earlier in the day, but never got published.  Sorry about that.

GameCastCarlos Zambrano vs. Bobby Parnell

It's an epic collision of suck!  The Cubs and Mets are both teams that had been expected to compete way back in the spring, only to suffer crippling injuries and personnel problems resulting in a Season of Meh. 

So what will happen in this, the high-tension battle of teams that can barely make the effort to don their uniforms before each game?  Who will win -- the angry, unfocused Cubs or the dysfunctional, injury-riddled Mets?  It's not a case of which team is better ... it's a case of WHICH TEAM IS WORSE!

Who's Hot

On this team?  After getting shut out by the White Sox?  Probably Cub fans everywhere, angry at the team's poor play.  But otherwise, not much of anybody.

Who's Not

Lou Piniella.  If anybody should be "hot," it should be him at his players.  Instead he appears resigned.  Speaking of resignation, why is Lou bothering to come back next year?  I remain unconvinced that he's done anything in 2009 to better his team's position.

The Cubs offense should pummel these guys.  Carlos Zambrano should shut them down.  It should be a cake-walk.  Instead it's just another long game in a long season.

I disagree

Derrek Lee has been hot. Ohhhh, you mean players who are playing today.

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