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Game Recap: Cubs 4, Astros 1 - Milton Bradley, wtf?

Game Recap

Seriously, Milton Bradley, wtf? For the first half of the season -- y'know, the part of the year where the Cubs squandered all hope -- Bradley was a .243 hitter with 6 homers, 21 RBI, and a whole lot of suck. But since the pressure of expectations collapsed, Milton has turned it up. He batted .308 for the month of August and is, in fact, a .309 hitter since the All Star Break. Other oddities -- maybe he actually loves Wrigley Field, because he's batting nearly 120 points higher at home than he is on the road. So far this year Milton's a .326 hitter in the unfriendly confines, with 9 homeruns in 178 at bats. Meanwhile in 168 at bats on the road, he's batting .208 with 3 homeruns. Guh.

Regardless, Bradley was 2 for 4 last night with his 12th homerun of the year. He and the Cubs offense combined for 8 hits, 2 walks, and 4 runs -- enough to give Randy Wells his 10th win of the year. Wells almost certainly won't beat J.A. Happ for the Rookie of the Year crown, but it's impressive nonetheless that he has essentially sprung from nowhere to become such an effective rookie pitcher. Then again, as Geovany Soto taught us this past year, we probably can't expect a repeat performance. Rob: what is doubly impressive is, after a recent rough patch, Wells bounced back with last night's gem.  The YMCA's are full of guys who got off to fast starts to begin a career (Jeff Pico handed me a towel the other day) but those fortunate few who can re-adjust and re-group provides a great indicator for future success.  It will be nice to have another starter without having to overpay for him.

Back to Bradley for a minute, he has become the first Cub in my adult life who angers me when he succeeds. More than any fan I know, I've been patient with him, I've made excuses for him, and I've defended him to critics, but at this point I believe he's a miserable human being who is more concerned with being right than he is with being a winner. So, screw him, at least for 2009. I'll give him a 2010 blank slate.

As for the Cubs, they won their series against the Mets and they are now poised to win again against the Astros. They then play a makeup game against the white-flag White Sox before travelling to New York to continue their play against the useless Mets. Then it's a series in Pittsburgh, and they will then host the Reds and Brewers before traveling to St. Louis, then Milwaukee and San Francisco before wrapping it up back home against Pittsburgh. It's sad that they play such an easy schedule, against no more than two good teams, because they very well might be mathematically alive until the last week of the season. But they sure as hell don't look it, even in games they win.

2010 Clean Slate

the only clean slate I want to hand MB is in Toronto or Kansas City, or some other land of Meh.

Thing about MB is...

when he does have a good hitting game, he'll talk w/ the press...and his comments are so me against the world, that you re-read the comments and say to yourself, "wow...did he really say that?" He completely misunderstands that when he's contentious w/ the media, he's indirectly stating the same thing to Cubs fans.

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