Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Gamecast: August 30th vs. Mets - No. 4 Starter

Nelson Figueroa (1-3, 5.40 ERA) vs. Carlos Zambrano (7-5, 3.80 ERA)

Story Lines

I hope everybody can read the sarcasm in my typing about the doom and gloom of the Cubs. If not, I still want the Cubs to play well, but I can't write the same things over and over about the Cubs still having chances to make the playoffs. So that being said, lets take a look at another player locked up in 2010.

Starting Pitcher - No. 4 Starter (Randy Wells)

Contract 2009: 402 Thousand

Contract 2010: 400+ Thousand

Stats 2009: 9-7 , 3.06 ERA in 126 2/3 innings. 78/33 K/BB Ratio with a 1.22 WHIP

Randy Wells has been better than anybody could have imagined this season. He was so good, that the Cubs pushed Sean Marshall to the bullpen to be the LOOGY, which worked as well. The problem was the offense once again not hitting, which meant that Randy didn't pick up a lot of wins, and neither did the Cubs.

Now, the Cubs have a guy that can slot into the rotation once again for 2010. I have a feeling that he will be a lot like Ryan Dempster, in the fact that he will probably see his ERA rise quite a bit in 2010. My guess is that he ends up being a 3.80 ERA to 4.20 ERA for next year, which is not terrible, but not really special either. The good thing is that he will be the No. 4/5 starter, so he doesn't have to be an ace.

Now the Cubs are making one last run at the Wild Card, the Cubs are going to throw Wells at least a few more times. The moment that chase ends, the Cubs really need to shut him down for the rest of year, so he doesn't develop any arm problems. I have to say, I'm quite happy with his performance and the fact he will make make less than 12 million dollars for next year.

Running Totals
2010 Payroll:
44.8 Million (4 Starting Pitchers)
2010 Average: 12.2 Million a player

Who's Hot

Milton Bradley - Hey, better late than the never, right? He had three more hits yesterday and his average is up to .268.

Jake Fox - Fox hit his first career grand slam yesterday, and he gets another start today with Alfonso Soriano still nursing his bum knee. Fox has 39 RBI and 10 HR's now.

Who's Not

Derrek Lee - Hey, even our best player has to have an 0 for 5 day every now and then.


I leave you today with Bruce Miles and his quote from Lou Pinella:

So I figured I’d ask Lou what he thought of his team being written off.

“I love it,” he said. “I hope they continue to write that. It would
be nice. What people write or don’t write has no bearing on how we do.
It’s good. There’s nothing wrong with playing the role of a big
underdog. There’s nothing wrong with that. We’ve got to go out and play
on the field regardless of what people write or don’t write. The less
attention, the better.”

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