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Gamecast: August 29th vs. Mets - No. 3 Starter

Bobby Parnell (3-6, 5.08 ERA) vs. Ryan Dempster (7-7, 4.07 ERA)

Story Lines

The Cubs won, but the Cardinals pull out a crazy win...go figure. Ok, so onto our look at the Cubs in 2010.

Starting Pitcher - No. 3 Starter (Ryan Dempster)

Contract 2009: 9 Million

Contract 2010:13.5 Million

Stats 2009: 7-7, 4.07 ERA in 143 2/3 innings. 122/54 K/BB Ratio with a 1.36 WHIP

Ryan Dempster as a big reason the Cubs won 97 games a year ago, and he hasn't been in bad in 2010. Of course, he really has been up and down, which is the story of the Cubs 2009 season. Dempster was rewarded with a big offseason contract and we all knew that it might have been a bad idea. One year into the deal, and I'm sure Cub fans wished Dempster was not signed for three years.

The Cubs have a lot of money committed into the rotation for next year, and Dempster going to be getting a nice 4.5 million dollar raise. The problem with sinking so much money into guy's like Dempster is that it is hard to make improvements.

The problem is that Dempster will probably not be as good as he was in 2008, and he's getting paid more than Ted Lilly, who is a better pitcher at this point. Of course, if Dempster pitches with a sub 4 ERA in the last three years it would work out just fine. Does anybody else think he can do that for three more years? This is just another move of Jim Hendry that is going to tie the Cubs hands for the next few years.

Running Totals
2010 Payroll:
44.4 Million (3 Starting Pitchers)

Who's Hot

Alfonso Soriano - Dude, he had three hits yesterday including his first home run in ages. It is good to see, but I have a feeling he is heading to a nice DL stint. Looks like Jake Fox needs to get ready and play some OF.

Milton Bradley -
Maybe Milton can play just good enough over the last month and get some trade value for the Cubs. He had three more hits yesterday and is up to .262 on the season.

Who's Not

Ryan Theriot - Another 0 for 4 at the top of the lineup. He's down to .290 and looks rough out there.

Sam Fuld - Fuld's hot start is over, as he has seen his average did down to .259 with an 0 for  4 yesterday.


The Cubs need to win, but I'm not getting some hopes up.

Not a voice for hope but...

We are still in the running for the Wild Card, and Rockies have a tough schedule and the Giants want Aaron Heilman.

I think giving up Heilman

I think giving up Heilman might be the push we need to claim the Wild Card.

As for Dumpster

I mean Dempster, I think we can forgive Dempster for his ups and downs. He was a "lucky" pitcher last year, and he has gone through a lot dealing with his daughter. As long as he can put up 15 wins the next two season, I will be happy with the deal.

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