Goatriders of the Apocalypse

The internets ate my post

...so what was a short post before will now be so short that it could capably work as a body double for mini-me.

While we wait for AJ's recap I just thought I'd mention a few quick things.

First -- I wouldn't worry about Carlos.  While some players come back from trips to the DL in tip-top shape, I can think of several times this year alone that a Cub has returned only to look like a buffoon.  Not a big deal.

Second -- the next Cubs 101 is scheduled for tomorrow.  In the meantime I am working on taking a closer look at the draft-picking stupidity of the Cubs organization for the past decade-or-so.  It should be ready to go late this evening.

Third -- as promised yesterday, I'm done with displaying in all their glory some of the unpleasant comments by various members of Desipio.  However I might take a page from BK's book over at HJE and someday ad a testimonials page -- which would display some of the nice and angry comments that have been written about us.  It's just too funny an idea to ignore.

So, back to your regularly scheduled program of the Cubs sucking the hopes of fans everywhere into an abyssmal pit of despair. 

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