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Gamecast: August 26th vs. Nationals

GameCastLivan Hernandez (7-8, 5.47 ERA) vs. Rich Harden (8-7, 4.04 ERA)

Story Lines
The Cubs are dead, or about as close as they can be and still be alive. Any way, starting tomorrow I'm going to start looking at breakdown of what the Cubs have coming back for next season. I figure that might spice up the gamecasts a little bit more, since there is not a lot of positive things going on during these posts these days.

Did anybody else know that Livan signed on with the Nats? I misssed that one, and I follow a ton of baseball. I'm sure he will find a way to grind out six solid innings, while Rich Harden pitches for next season and that big contract.

Who's Hot
Milton Bradley -
He had four hits last night, but only 1 RBI, which came on his HR.

Who's Not

Ryan Theriot - On a night where the Cubs had 12 hits, Theriot went 0 for 5.

This is the time of year where we need to be working on other thigns, becuase the Cubs are pretty tough to watch. For once I'm glad I have a thesis to work on for grad school, because it actually gives me something to get my mind off the Cubs. Check back tomorrow for the first in a series of looks into next season.

You probably missed the Livan

You probably missed the Livan signing because it happened six hours ago

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